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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips for 2022

Email marketing is a tool that any modern business worthwhile uses to engage potential customers, advertise, send information regarding promotions, and stay in touch with current customers. There is a right way and a wrong way to utilize email marketing

To help you, we decided to prepare this material, which has 10 good email marketing tips, to bring you the return you want so much! Check out:

Tip #1: Segment your base according to the objective

In order for leads to be effective, they must be segmented according to preferences. You can then create personalized messages according to each profile of your contact base, making them relevant to your leads. No wonder, according to a survey, personalized emails have a 29% chance of being opened. And if you put a link in the body of the message, the chances go up to 41%. To do this, pay attention to the metrics of these emails as well, as this will help you to come up with good email marketing ideas to ensure that all your contacts’ needs are met.

Tip #2: Pay attention to the subject/ title of the email

A great piece of advice is to create an attractive and persuasive subject, as it is a decisive factor for the opening or not of a message. In these cases, it is recommended to use mental triggers, which can present a language that induces the action you want from the customers. Also, other golden tips for email marketing subject creation are:

  • Keep the title as short as possible, not exceeding 50 characters ;
  • Don’t put terms like free, promotion, etc, as they increase the chances of the email being classified as spam;
  • Bet on persuasive copywriting to win the reader.

This ensures that the subject appears in full in the user’s inbox and still convinces them to open the email.

Tip #3: Create objective content

Gone are the days of shooting large commercial texts through email marketing and sending letters by direct mail. Today, to have great email marketing ideas, you need to understand that the language used on the internet is different: direct and objective.

So when writing a text, ask yourself this:

 Will people be able to do other things while reading my message?

If your answer is yes, then you’re getting straight to the point by doing something that people who live reading content on smartphones, desktops, etc. so crave. And with that, you will be able to put into practice good practices for email marketing.

Tip #4: Pay Attention to Frequency and Length

It’s no use segmenting your contact base, having a title that draws attention, and being objective in the content, if you send your campaigns in the wrong quantity. That’s because your users can get fed up with emails, causing the unsubscribe rate to increase. However, when you send emails over longer periods of time, it is very likely that your brand will be forgotten by the lead. In other words, having great email marketing ideas means investing in email marketing tools, which can help you schedule the delivery efficiently.

Generally speaking, an effective campaign will usually have 2 to 6 emails, and research to understand your audience’s preferences so you don’t become an inconvenient contact. In addition, looking at the open rate is also a way to see if your strategy is pleasing or if you need to make some adjustments.

Tip #5: Don’t make the email too long

In addition to causing readers to lose interest in mid-message, emails that are too long can have their content cut off by email providers. That way, the person will lose a good chunk of your message if they don’t click on the show whole message option.

Tip #6: Use Emojis, Images, and GIFs

Emojis can humanize your business, increasing the proximity between customer and brand. Thus, using them conscientiously can be a great engagement tool for your leads. Images are very important in building your email, as they make your message more attractive. Bet on high-quality images to increase interest in the content you send. As with images, GIFs further enhance the appeal of email, as their “movement” attracts attention. In addition, the use of GIFs can make your email more fun, increasing the proximity of contact with your company. Several websites help you quickly compose this type of image or find a ready-made GIF with royalty-free use.

Tip #7: Use real people’s names as senders

One of the good email marketing tips that you can adopt in your strategy is to use real people’s names as senders. That’s because people like to feel unique, and sending out emails as if it were someone real who works for your company can be a differentiator. After all, we’re talking about the communication you’ll have with your contacts, and therefore, having real names on the senders brings you closer to leads.

Tip #8: Build a good relationship with the user

Building a relationship with both existing and potential customers is crucial to success. To do so, some actions can be taken by your company, such as after-sales, for example. In this sense, let’s assume that you a user made a purchase on your online store. To maintain a good relationship, it would be interesting to send an email thanking you for the purchase and make a call to confirm the order. This way, users will feel more comfortable buying other products of your brand.

Tip #9: Offer good materials in the emails

Rich materials are dense content about a subject, such as ebooks, webinars, whitepapers, etc. Thanks to these materials, companies can better educate their leads so that they become consumers of the brand in the future.

No wonder, they also act as a bargaining chip, as they are sent from the moment a visitor to your company’s website or blog fills out a form.

Tip #10: Perform A/B tests

One of the best ideas for email marketing is to ensure that results are being achieved is to perform A/B testing. The idea is to develop two types of email marketing, different from each other, to test the subject, targeting, and effectiveness of CTAs. For example, while in one you use a less intrusive approach, in the other put a more commercial footprint. After that, send each of the emails to a part of your contact base, and then check which one should be more successful.


Before even thinking about doing Email Marketing, it is necessary to keep in mind what are your main campaign objectives and how it can effectively enter. Think about the content, and whether your page is prepared for a Lead generation or conversion. Also, don’t forget to focus on the mobile format to increase your results’ effectiveness. It’s all part of the process for your results to be even better and bigger.


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