White-Label Services

CloudContactAI is a powerful SMS platform that offers a multitude of unique features designed to streamline communication. In addition to our advanced capabilities, we take pride in offering white-labeling as a flexible solution for businesses looking to sell our platform under their own brand.

With our white label services, companies can leverage our robust SMS platform, customize it to align with their branding, and market it as their own, unlocking new revenue streams and delivering exceptional communication experiences to their customers.

White Label SMS Platform
White Label Customize SMS Services - CloudContactAI

Custom Application

Currently, our application operates on CloudContactAI. However, with our tailored white labeling, you can customize and run your version of CloudContactAI at https://app.yourcompany.com, allowing you to offer the platform under your own brand and domain.

Unique Branding

Our standard application features the CloudContactAI logo. However, by opting for white labeling, your version of CCAI will proudly display your own logo, allowing you to establish a distinct brand identity and create a unique visual representation for your customers. All references to CloudContactAI in the UI will be replaced with your brand.

Unique SMS Branding - CloudContactAI
White Labeling SMS In-House Support

In-House Support

With our white labeling, instead of receiving notifications from [email protected], you and your users will receive them from [email protected]. This modification allows you to maintain a consistent and branded communication channel, ensuring that all email correspondence aligns with your company’s identity and enhances the overall customer experience

Make Our Product Your Product

With the white-labeled version of CloudContactAI, we handle the operation of your service while presenting it as your very own product. This means that you can benefit from our expertise and infrastructure while maintaining a seamless brand experience for your customers.

From the product’s appearance to its functionality, it will reflect your unique identity, allowing you to establish a strong market presence without the burden of developing and maintaining the underlying technology.

White-Label SMS Product Service - CloudContactAI