Text Messaging for Businesses

Our Business Text Messaging Platform makes it fast, easy, and affordable to send SMS, Email, and Voice campaigns and engage in two-way conversations with your customers in real-time from the inbox of our intuitive web portal.

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Reg F Strategies at Scale

Deploy Reg F Strategies at Scale

Enhance your digital communication strategies

SMS Content Template Libraries

Control your own content and campaigns

“Easily build dynamic email and SMS content template libraries”.

Differentiated Campaigns at Scale

Manage differentiated campaigns at scale

Operate stand alone or easily integrate to support unlimited omni channel campaign for multiple clients.


Cloud Contact AI is the all-in-one compliant SMS, Email, and Voice communication platform that enables debt collectors to get paid faster.


  • Pre-built messaging library, scheduling, and automation tools
  • Easy CRM, Payment Gateway, Web, and App Integrations
  • 2 – way real time messaging and communications
  • Self Service, On Demand availability
  • Configurable compliance checker


Branden Boag

Branden Boag

Sales Director of Action1
“I needed a solution to quickly reach my clients and coworkers about company-wide announcements. Cloud Contact AI enabled me to send messages to my list of contacts fast, without any delays, and respond to the messages as soon as they came in on an easy to use inbox.”

Bryan Burns

Bryan Burns

Let’s Play Soccer
“CCAI was very easy to roll out to our company. It requires zero knowledge of coding and has an intuitive user-friendly interface. We are able to send text campaigns about payment reminders, game reminders, and more. The response rates we’ve received while using CCAI have far exceeded our expectations.”

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