SMS for E-Commerce Stores

CloudContactAI is a premium text messaging service that offers solutions for E-commerce stores and seamlessly integrates with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms.

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SMS for E-Commerce Stores

CloudContactAI’s Shopify Integration

CloudContactAI’s intelligent customer engagement platform facilitates businesses to connect with their customers across various channels like SMS, email, and voice. The platform streamlines the customer engagement process by automating it with its diverse features, enabling businesses to communicate with their customers at the right time with the relevant message.

CloudContactAI integrates with Shopify, the foremost e-commerce platform, and this association automates the transmission of SMS messages for a variety of reasons such as abandoned cart reminders, product launch notifications, and much more, providing businesses with an essential facility.

Once established, the integration will personalize SMS messages for both customers and the store owner, sent automatically by CloudContactAI.

Using CloudContactAI to retrieve abandoned carts on Shopify has several advantages. Firstly, it automates the recovery process, enabling businesses to focus on other crucial tasks. Secondly, it guarantees prompt and personalized customer engagement, which can help build stronger customer relationships. Lastly, it can lead to increased sales and revenue for the business.

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Order Updates

SMS is an ideal way to keep customers informed about their orders. This can include order confirmations, shipment notifications, and delivery updates.

By sending timely and accurate information via text, e-commerce businesses can improve the customer experience and reduce the number of customer inquiries.

Opt-in Keywords for Promotions

Offering your customers a simple and easy way to opt-in to monthly discounts, promotions, and other updates your small business may have is a great way to keep them happy, boost your reputation, and increase sales. Keywords let your customers send one text, and opt-in to receive your messages.

SMS Promotions for E-Commerce

Customer Service

Texting is an incredibly convenient way for customers to get in touch with your ecommerce business. By offering a dedicated SMS support line and keywords associated with that support line, you can provide quick and efficient customer service, helping to resolve issues and answer questions in a matter of minutes.

Cart Retention

Abandoned carts are a common problem for e-commerce businesses. By sending SMS reminders to customers who have left items in their carts, businesses can encourage them to complete their purchase.

Our Shopify integration allows you to automatically trigger reminder text messages to potential customers who have abandoned their carts to entice them to finish their purchase. 

Abandoned Carts E-commerce

Benefits of SMS for E-Commerce Stores

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e-commerce texting

2-way real-time messaging

Our 2-way messaging gives you the ability to have conversations with customers in real-time. Making answering questions and solving problems a breeze.

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Stay Compliant

CCAI has a built in compliance role that enables you to invite your compliance officer to monitor and ensure campaigns are totally compliant.


Scheduled messages

Schedule messages in advance to avoid any chance of a mishap. Set it and forget it with CloudContactAI’s easy-to-use interface. 


Pre-built templates

Leverage our pre-built templates designed by our internal legal team that will provide you with quick and easy access to compliant messaging.

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