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Email Campaigns going to Spam? Send Test Emails!

Sending emails is crucial to any marketing campaign. However, many business owners find that their emails end up in the spam folder. It's crucial to test your campaigns beforehand to ensure that they're getting delivered.

Sending Test Emails

Date: October 6, 2022
Author: Jacob Murphy
Source: Tango

2. Click on main

Click on main

3. Click on main

Click on main

4. Click on ‘Build’

Click on 'Build'

5. Name your Campaign

Name your Campaign

6. Choose a Sender

Choosing the right sender can be the difference between your emails ending up in spam or not. By changing your sub domains,

Choose a Sender

7. Choose an Email Subject

Choose an Email Subject

8. Click on ‘Recipients’

Click on 'Recipients'

9. Choose an Unsubscribe Group

Choose an Unsubscribe Group

10. Click on Test Email Addresses

By testing your emails before sending your official campaign, you avoid your efforts being wasted.

Click on Test Email Addresses

11. Click on Send Test

Click on Send Test

12. Check the inbox of your test address

Be sure to check the inbox of whatever email address you’ve sent a test to, in order to ensure that your emails are not ending up in spam still. If they are, there are some additional troubleshooting steps we’ll cover in other blog posts.

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