Text Messaging Services for Healthcare

Actively engage with your employees and staff using CCAI’s user-friendly web portal where you can quickly send text, email, and voice campaigns and have two-way conversations in real-time. 

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Why Use CCAI?

Cloud Contact AI’s customizable text messaging solutions can assist medical and healthcare businesses in openly engaging with patients, sending automated appointment confirmations and reminders, as well as scheduled surveys and questionaires.

Survey’s/raise scores

Increase your patient satisfaction scores by sending surveys and questionnaires directly to your clients, allowing for uninterrupted feedback.

Retain Patients

Send automated appointment confirmations and reminders to your patients, reducing no-shows and improving workflow.

Stay Engaged

Create an avenue of open communication between your staff and patients in the communication method they prefer!

Benefits of SMS for Healthcare and Medical Businesses

SMS for debt collection open rates

99% Open Rates

Reach your patients and staff in the most effective way with CCAI’s SMS Services!

cost effective sms debt collection

30x ROI

Invest in your healthcare organization’s communication with CCAI and see results immediately!

SMS debt collection time saving

Seamless Scheduling Assistance

Communicate with your staff, patients, and partner’s in an organized and effective manner.

Features Built For Engagement

With Cloud Contact AI’s seamless integration, the new platform specifically designed for the healthcare industry gives your business the tools it needs to thrive. 

Sub accounts SMS

Personalized Appointment Confirmations

Send customized automated appointment confirmations and reminders to patients.

Scheduled Messages

Scheduled and Automated Messages

Send scheduled messages to your patients and staff keeping your network informed around the clock. 

Sub accounts SMS

Inclusive Staffing Communication

Whether your medical team consists of 6 or 106, CCAI provides the tools for your entire healthcare business to stay informed.



Let your patients text you with a keyword of your choice to make opting in quick and easy.

Ready-to-use templates

Start seeing what CCAI text services can do immediately with our ready-to-use templates or easily create your own in minutes!

Reduce No Shows

Mr. Jennings,

This is an automated reminder for your upcoming scheduled appointment:

Sun. Jan 9th, 2023 at 11:30 am PST with Dr. Linda Vicks.

Please click the link below or reply “Yes” to confirm this appointment.


Thank you,

Dr. Vicks Family Clinic

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Find Help Quickly

Attention staff of Bethany Medical Clinic,

We are currently in need of additional staffing for tomorrow’s 3rd shift: 9 pm-6 am.

If you are available to cover, please respond to this message. 


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Increase Occupancy 

Mr. Smith,

It’s been 16 months since your last appointment with us. We recommend coming in at least once a year for regular check-ups.

We have openings this month and would love to see you for your annual check-up. For a calendar of available dates and times, simply click the link below or respond to this text for one of our staff to call you and schedule an appointment with your doctor.


Respond with “call me” to receive a call back in minutes!

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

CCAI’s SMS marketing strategies yield a 99% open rate. What have you got to lose?

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