All-in-one Compliant Text, Email, and VoIP Marketing Service

We make it fast, easy, and affordable to send compliant SMS, Email, and Voice marketing campaigns and engage in 1-on-1 conversations with your customers.

SMS: Fast and compliant

Automate your customer outreach with compliant automated text reminders every time a payment is due.

  • Real-time 2-way conversations
  • Compliance – Contact preferences
  • Build a list or import your own
Compliant Text Messaging
Compliant Email Marketing Service

Email: Simple and accessible

Craft captivating email marketing campaigns that your audience will engage with by leveraging our easy to use design tools and flexible templates.

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Dynamic tags
  • Scheduled messages

Voice: Direct and personal

Add a personal touch to your customer relationships and connect with your users directly with VoIP marketing campaigns.

  • Manual outbound dials
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Configurable disposition codes
Compliant Calling Service

Compliant marketing for every industry

Startup or mature, tech company or coffee shop; maximize your outreach capabilities with CCAI’s all-in-one compliant-focused text marketing suite.

Compliant Text Messaging for Debt Collection

Debt Collection

More on-time payments and faster recoveries with SMS.

Compliant Text Messaging for Healthcare


Everything from test results to scheduling appointments.

Compliant Text Messaging for Education


Share scholastic insights for increased engagement.

How you can leverage CCAI


Send your audience personalized deals at the exact right time for the greatest ROI.


Send outstanding payment reminders so that your clients never miss a payment.


Reach your clients quickly on the platform they engage with most – SMS, Email, or Voice.

Launch a campaign in minutes!

Sign up, upload a list, shoot a text, send an email, make a call, and get results.

Concentrated features for productive campaigns

Our feature-rich text marketing service is designed to help you get the maximum impact out of each of your campaigns.

Sub accounts SMS


Create and designate sub-accounts for unique departments, regions, and profiles to manage and sort your communication with ease.

Sub accounts SMS

2-way messaging

Improve customer communication, resolve conversations, and close deals with 2-way compliant SMS marketing.



Generate unlimited phone numbers for one account and reach your customers by SMS or Voice on the same number.

Dynamic tags

Dynamic tags

Create a personalized experience for your customers and use dynamic tags to make your SMS messages more sincere.

Getting the word out

Compliant Text Messaging Marketing 101

SMS Marketing 101



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Compliant Text Message for Healthcare

SMS for Healthcare



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Compliant text messaging for schools and education systems

SMS for Schools



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