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A2P 10DLC Compliance

In the age of digital marketing, maintaining compliance can be difficult, time consuming, and downright annoying. Rules and regulations change often and can vary from platform to platform. Even after hours of research and reading, failure to follow any step properly can result in issues. When utilizing Cloud Contact AI’s services, we can guarantee you’ll be compliant.

What is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for 10-digit long code. Mobile carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T create these channels for the purpose of sending business to customer/consumer messages over land-line phone numbers. Carriers have created a set of rules and regulations to ensure that these channels stay safe and free from spam. 

Advantages of using 10DLC


  • Incredibly cost effective
  • Throughput and deliverability are improved
  • Single phone number utilization
  • Spam protection
  • The ability to use a target audience’s local area code 

What is A2P?

 A2P (application to person) is any message that is sent from an application such as Twilio and Cloud Contact AI to a person. A2P messaging has a wide range of applications such as sending reminders, promotions, and building relationships with customers. A2P also offers a plethora of benefits and features. The possibilities are endless for  businesses utilizing this type of messaging. 


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    Advantages of using A2P SMS Strategies

    • High Open Rates: 

    Up to 98% open rates and 45% response rates.

    • Cost-effective:

    Cloud Contact AI offers competitive rates of $.03 per SMS message.

    • Saves Time:

    By utilizing a legitimate SMS marketing service like Cloud Contact AI, you are able to focus on more important matters within your business.


    • Promotions:

    Send your audience personalized call-to-action on their preferred platform.

    • Send Alerts:

    Update your recipients on timely business matters – deals, conferences, etc…


    • Boost Sales:

    Reach the right clients quickly with effective campaign strategies.

    Issues with Non-Compliance

    As of March 1, 2022, all 10DLCs must be linked to a registered A2P campaign or risk higher fees per message from both AT&T and T-mobile. T-Mobile will also begin imposing a one-time $50 campaign registration fee.

    AT&T fees will vary from $0.002 to $0.004 per outbound SMS segment and $0.0035 to $0.005 per outbound MMS depending on the circumstances associated with the campaign.

    If your business is sending non-compliant messages, you run the risk of getting fined and losing your ability to market via SMS. While these fees may seem unreasonable, the reason for this is to avoid companies outright spamming individuals. Another reason is to help mitigate scammers from utilizing SMS and keeping these channels safe.

    Low-Volume Users

    The good news is that if you are a low-volume user, these new regulations may not apply to you. If your business sends fewer than 3,000 messages per day and uses 5 or less 10DLCs, then you do not have to change the way you are doing things and don’t need to worry about accruing new fees.

    However, if you do not fit this limited criteria (most effective SMS campaigns do not), then you have to change the way you are managing your outbound campaigns. By linking your 10DLC  to a registered A2P campaign.

    Let us Deal with the Hassle 


    Maintaining compliance with A2P 10DLC can be confusing. The plethora of information that is thrown at you is overwhelming and stressful. Plus, your time as a business owner should be spent on other aspects of your operation rather than dealing with the technical aspects of compliance. You can manage all this through Twilio or AWS yourself, or you can let the experts at Cloud Contact AI handle it all for you every step of the way.

    When you sign up for Cloud Contact AI’s elite SMS services, you are guaranteed that any campaigns sent out will be in compliance with any new rules and regulations put in place by mobile carriers. We take care of the Starter Brand creation for the end user seamlessly, and enable them to transfer over to a Standard Brand. From start to finish, we’re here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us today!

    Take Your Business to the Next Level

    CCAI’s SMS marketing strategies yield a 99% open rate. What have you got to lose?

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