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The Role of Text Messaging in Healthcare

Communicating with patients is an important role of healthcare professionals. The medical sector includes clinics, hospitals, wellness centers, rehabilitation centers, therapists, and anyone who provides medical services. Patients are essentially customers, but they rely on healthcare workers to heal them and fix their ailments. Because of this, there is another level to the relationship between patients and providers that is often overlooked. There are many ways to communicate with customers. SMS marketing has become a popular method thanks to the many benefits it offers.

Here are some reasons why SMS is so effective:

  • The open rate for SMS is 97%, vs 22% for email. That’s a 75% difference!
  •  90% of people open text messages within 3 minutes of receiving .
  • The data demonstrates SMS is the best choice for sending reminders, messages and news about your clinic or hospital to patients. These types of campaigns add value to the relationship with patients, in addition to maintaining a connection between your facility and those who do not visit you very often.
  • Communicating via text message keeps you in peoples’ minds. If someone needs a service that you provide, the chances that they will soon remember your establishment will be greater, since communication generates brand recognition, which contributes to boosting their business and increasing profits. Many of the same marketing techniques you would see in any other industry apply to healthcare as well.

Ways SMS is Utilized:

Communicate with customers

Bulk text marketing can be used to contact patients, including consultations and inquiries. Healthcare organizations can send text messages that provide services provided by the organization, its activities and the healthcare arena. This type of introductory message is useful for marketing and promotion of your brand. These messages may contain keywords that patients can use to send and receive text messages. By receiving this keyword, you can provide more information about the services that you are offering.

Book the appointments

SMS is a fast and easy way to book an appointment. Instead of booking over the phone, customers can just simply text. This is much easier and more convenient than calling for most people.

Upon receiving this keyword, the software used for bulk text messaging can track dates and times and schedule appointments. A confirmation SMS can be sent immediately to the patient confirming the appointment. You can ask for Yes or No confirmation to confirm or cancel your reservation.

Reminders and Notifications

The healthcare industry needs to send reminders on a regular basis so that patients can book on time without any delay. When an appointment is missed, both the facility and the patient are disappointed. Using messaging service for business for reminders is a great way to ensure your clients are up to date with their appointments.

Patient Information

 Health-related information can also be sent to the patient via SMS. This may include:

SMS is used to send the information about the health and health issues on registered In addition to patient diagnosis, test reports and test reports can be sent via SMS. Prescriptions can be sent via SMS, so patients can use them to buy medicines anywhere.

SMS is also used for send the diet plan to the patient. Health-related advice such as measures to boost immunity, preventive health measures, and diet. You can also send it via SMS. 

All important information about the medicine recall or medical product  recall can be sent via SMS so that the patient can be reached immediately.


Customer feedback is essential in any business, this is even more important in healthcare facilities. 

  • You can send an SMS to the feedback request and the patient can reply with a Yes or No or send a rating in the form of a number.

  • A website link to the detailed feedback form can be sent via SMS.


Texting is the primary form of communication in today’s society. Emails get buried in an inbox, and calls from unknown numbers do not get answered. Using best texting app for business is a hands-on way to communicate with customers and keep them up to date with what is going on.

Alternatives to Cold Texting

Alternatives to Cold Texting

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SMS Marketing and its Importance in 2022

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Cloud Contact AI Products and Services

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