Creating Customer Loyalty During the Holidays

With mobile commerce becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder that businesses are implementing quality SMS services to increase customer satisfaction. The holiday season means that Americans are gonna be shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Today, we’ll talk about how text messaging can increase customer loyalty during the holiday season.

SMS Loyalty Programs


Seventy percent of shoppers say they prefer using their mobile devices to participate in loyalty programs, favoring mobile over other marketing channels to gain access to points, incentives, and other perks when making purchases online and in-store.

However, brand loyalty isn’t earned instantly; rather, it is earned over time through consistently satisfying customer experiences that set a company apart from the pack. Through the use of short messaging service (SMS) integration with your customer loyalty program, you can provide your consumers with more than just “good” experiences by reaching out to them with highly tailored and relevant messages at the most opportune times. 

SMS loyalty programs create a personalized experience for your customers. Making them more likely to stick around. 



Onboarding New Members


When an SMS subscriber joins your loyalty program for the first time, use their preferred method of communication to welcome them right away and remind them of your program. These welcome messages are a great chance to talk about how to earn points, VIP perks, and other things that make your brand’s loyalty program special.


Promote Loyalty Programs to SMS Subscribers 


One of the fastest ways to get people to like your brand is to reach out to people who are already interested, like your SMS subscribers. Send a customized text message to your list of current subscribers that explains how your loyalty program works and what benefits they can expect, such as a discount on their next purchase. By giving your SMS subscribers this kind of information, you can get them excited about your loyalty program and get as many people as possible to join.

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How to Increase Loyalty Program Participation


Customers may feel more encouraged to make a purchase after realizing they have accumulated enough loyalty points to qualify for a reward. Send them personalized text messages informing them of their current point balance, what they may redeem their points for, and how many points they need to earn in order to receive the next discount or perk. Brands that stay in constant contact with these revisions will see an increase in customer participation in loyalty programs, loyalty from existing customers, and customer retention rates.

Introduce Exclusive Holiday Deals

Your customers like to feel special. By introducing an exclusive Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other holiday deal to your SMS subscribers, you increase the odds of them wanting to stay subscribed and continue to work with you. 

It’s important to treat your most loyal customers like royalty in today’s market, as people expect special treatment from the businesses they love. Send them a text message informing them of special offers that are only available to them as VIPs. Do you provide premium services such as express shipping to a certain group of customers? Engage them on crucial advertising days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and urge them to take advantage of this bonus to ensure on-time delivery of their products. 

Spread the Holiday Cheer!


Ever since greeting cards were first created, businesses have used them as a way to get in touch with their clients, especially around the holidays. This strategy has been around for a while, but there’s a good reason why so many traditional businesses have kept it up for so long: it works. Holiday text messages keep your customers happy. 

Everyone should make an effort to deliver a warm and sincere holiday greeting to their audience this year. Sending your subscribers a quick and pleasant holiday-themed text or email is a surefire way to brighten their day.

Jacob Murphy

Jacob Murphy

Jake is CloudContactAI's Director of Content Creation. When he's not working, you can likely find him enjoying the great outdoors.

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