Holiday SMS Marketing Ideas

As we approach the holidays, shoppers are using their phones to purchase gifts for their loved ones as well as themselves at an all time high. Here are a few ways to reach your audience with an SMS campaign on their phones, with a cheerful holiday splash.

It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like SMS’mas

Whether scrolling on social media, checking their bank accounts, or shopping holiday deals; your audience is on their phones for a large part of their day to day lives. 

With the consistent use of our phones, of course comes the increase in using our phones for shopping. Mobile Commerce or Mcommerce is expected to reach over $700 billion in annual sales by 2025. Capitalizing on this movement with an SMS campaign and reaching your audience on their phones is a strategy that is sure to spread some holiday cheer.

Social Media Contest

Everyone loves a good competition, especially with an exciting prize. Encouraging your audience to participate in a contest is a phenomenal way to increase your brands recognition. Have your followers share a photo or post using a hashtag of your company as well as tagging your company. Using social media coupled with an SMS campaign to spread the awareness of your contest will allow your audience to engage with your company as well as with fellow brand ambassadors. Use one of your company’s products or services, or a gift card if that will be more appealing. Either way, a social media contest is a win-win!


Black Friday Exclusive

This might seem like a no brainer, but when it comes to holiday’s in the US Black Friday is proving to be one of the best opportunities to reach out to your subscribers. Whether you’re sending a campaign with an exclusive deal, a notification of an upcoming promotion, or a guide on ‘How to not get trampled on Black Friday’; this holiday is a terrific opportunity to reach out to your audience. For more SMS Marketing tips click here.

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SMS & Email Coordination

Seizing any opportunity to grow your subscriber network is important to expand your communication flow with your subscribers and customers. Using a platform like CCAI to cross integrate your email and SMS campaigns to connect with your audience is a terrific way to reach out to the most contacts in an efficient way. Sending emails with your campaigns message, coupled with an option for your subscriber’s to opt-in to your SMS messaging lists is a sure way to strengthen your brands relationship with your subscribers.

Partner with a Charity or Good Cause

As the holiday season approaches, the opportunities to partner with a charity or good cause and give back to your community are everywhere. Taking the time to give back is important and your subscribers will appreciate your efforts in doing so! 71% of consumers prefer doing business with companies that align with their values. 

An SMS campaign inviting your subscribers to take part in your charitable cause or simply informing your audience of the work you’re doing is a wonderful way to display your brands value’s. Some examples of  SMS campaigns could be how much your company has raised for a charity, a summary of volunteer work your company has been working on, or you can take it to the next level and invite your subscriber’s to join you in giving back with a scheduled food drive or volunteer day at a local food bank. 

A Message From The Heart

Christmas cards and other holiday cards are a method that company’s have been using to reach out to their customers since greeting cards were invented. Although this campaign is nothing new, there is a reason that so many brick and mortor companies have continued this tradition for decades; it works.

Taking the time to reach out to your audience with a genuine heartfelt holiday message is something we all should strive to send. Spreading joy with a short but sweet SMS messaging campaign during the holidays is sure to spread joy to your subscribers.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to reach out to your audience this holiday season. Hopefully this article gave you some ideas you can utilize to spread your company’s SMS campaign as well as some holiday cheer. 
In closing I’d like to say from all of us at CCAI,

Happy Holidays. 

Cody Kelly

Cody Kelly

Cody is an experienced Marketing Specialist with over a decade worth of experience in marketing and client success. He creates and optimizes content, articles and guides to help businesses of all sizes grow. With a background in marketing, hospitality, and finance, Cody has consistently increased profitability for clients with strategic planning while delivering first class service.

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