Increase revenue with SMS marketing

8 Ways SMS Marketing Can Boost Revenue

Whether you are new to SMS marketing or use it daily, this article will show you a number of ways to increase revenue with SMS marketing. From customer loyalty programs to mobile coupons, you will be sure to learn new strategies for increasing revenue with SMS marketing.


An increase in revenue is one of the most common goals of any marketing efforts. With SMS marketing, achieving a higher revenue has never been easier. With the ability to reach your customers in seconds, text messages are an effective and easy to use tool to reach your customers and promote your products or services. Whether you are currently using SMS marketing or not, we will cover effective strategies on how SMS marketing can boost revenue.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

98% Open Rates

Delivered and Read within Minutes

Most Adults in the US have a Cell Phone with Texting



Promote Sales

The first way SMS marketing can help with increasing revenue, is by promoting any sales on products or services. By sending out text messages directly to your customers, you are able to inform them of an exclusive or limited discounted pricing you are currently offering. This direct message serves to create a sense of urgency in your audience, which can lead to an increase in sales almost immediately.


Upselling and Cross Selling

 One strategy for improving revenue is to build upon a completed sale, with additional products or services. Upselling or cross selling with a text message can yield some terrific results. A good example of cross selling is a customer recently purchased a printer, and you follow up with them on a potential for ink subscription. Cross selling like this can help build brand loyalty, as well as increase revenue!


Abandoned Cart Reminder  SMS to Boost Revenue

Cart Abandonment Reminders

 A significant opportunity for many businesses to increase revenue is with abandoned cart reminders. There are few thing more frustrating than seeing a customer has come to your online store, selected items to purchase only to stop short before checking out. A terrific way to combat abandoned carts is with a subtle text message reminder.


Event Reminders

Missing out on a big event or promotion is something no one wants to experience. A great way to ensure your customers are always in the loop is with text message reminders and notifications. A hand tailored invitation delivered with a text message is an amazing way to roll out the red carpet for your customers. Sending event reminders and invitations means your customers won’t miss out, and you can drive more traffic and ultimately increase revenue.

SMS can be an effective tool for boosting attendance at conferences and workshops by providing timely and personal communication directly to potential attendees’ mobile devices. Event organizers can send personalized reminders that include the event details like date, time, and location, fostering a direct and urgent connection with recipients. It can also be used to inform attendees about special incentives such as free meals, guest speakers, or early-bird rewards, making the event more attractive.

Customer Loyalty Programs

 Customer loyalty programs are not a new idea and may even be something you currently use. SMS marketing can help with your customer loyalty programs by creating an easy way to opt-in, as well as provide better value for choosing to take part. Offering an inbound phone number to text a keyword to sign up, or an outbound campaign to increase sign ups are both effective strategies.


Mobile Coupons

 Another great way to use text messaging for an increase in revenue, is to send mobile coupons to your customers. Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it is personally delivered to your phone (no scissors required). Mobile coupons also called mobile promotions, are coupons that users can use from their phone. These coupons can be used for virtual stores as well as in person.


Feedback and Surveys

 An amazing tool for boosting revenue as well as customer loyalty is SMS surveys. Giving your customers the ability to provide feedback after a purchase shows that you are invested in their long term satisfaction. Text message survey’s are easy to setup and send, and can save you from receiving poor reviews on 3rd party sites by capturing them first.


Exclusive Discounts

 Customer’s love the feeling of being a VIP or a part of a ‘special club’. Exclusive offer’s to select customer’s is a great way to offer special discounts to your select customer audience. This can be done with either exclusive campaigns or segemented campaigns, to send different discounts to different groups of customers.


The Bottom Line

Hopefully this article has given you some new ideas in how you can generate more revenue with SMS marketing. From notifications and reminders to mobile coupons, there are so many potential ways to use text messaging to increase sales. If you are ready to put these practices into action, claim your free 14 day trial with CloudContactAI today!


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