Mobile Coupons - Send Discounts Via Text

Mobile Coupons 101: How to Send Discounts with a Text

The appeal of a great deal is undeniable, which is why it's no wonder why digital coupons have become so popular. Consumers want to save money on the products and services they buy, but with the convenience of not having to cut along the dotted line of a newspaper clipping coupon. A simple solution: Mobile Coupons.

I’ve got a coupon for that


Everyone loves a good deal.

When it comes to discounts, deals, and bargains; coupons have long been heralded as the standard to promoting and issuing good deals, but why?

Retailers and consumer’s both benefit from a good promotional strategy, which is what makes it so effective.

Coupons have been around since Coca-Cola first distributed them in 1888 when the cola giant mailed out the coupons to potential customers. The coupon was for a free glass of Coca-Cola, redeemable at any dispenser that served the now monumental fizzy beverage.

Over 130 years later, we are still a coupon-happy society looking for any opportunity to not pay full price. In todays digital age, digital coupons are now the most effective way to offer and redeem discounts and savings.

This article will cover the topic of mobile coupons; their use, how to send and redeem as well as some best practices to follow when sending out a mobile coupon campaign.

What are Mobile Coupons?

Mobile coupons, also called “mobile promotions,” are digital coupons people can use on their phones to get a discount on products or services. Businesses can send these coupons to customers via SMS, email, or even a mobile app. Recipients can then use them to get discounts, free products, or other special offers at a company’s physical or online store. Businesses are using mobile coupons more and more as a way to reach and interact with customers in a personal and easy way.

Get a discounts using mobile coupons

Types of Mobile Coupons

Discount Codes

One popular choice for mobile coupons is promotional or temporary discount codes. Discount codes are commonly used by E-commerce stores, brick and mortor restaurants, as well as commercial retailers. Discount codes offer businesses a number of benefits such as:

  • Simplicity: Discount codes are simple to create, distribute, verify and duplicate. This simplicity allows businesses to being distributing coupons immediately.
  • Customization: Discount codes allow you to hand tailor your message. Send discount codes with experation dates, redemption limits, and more with ease.
  • Segmentation: Send discount codes to VIPs or promote your services with exclusive promotions, such as “Valid for CloudContactAI Gold Tier Subscribers.”

Checkout Redemptions

There are many different ways which checkout redemptions can be implemented, the most common use is with SMS messages sent to consumers. Examples of this are commonly “Show this coupon to your cashier to redeem”. Checkout redemptions are a great alternative to discount codes, if you don’t require the tracking and limitations available with discount codes. These discount redemptions are even more effective when coupled with a transactional SMS.


QR Codes & Barcodes

Another way to offer coupons or discounts to your audience is to distribute your digital coupons with QR codes or barcodes. The last of our digital coupon options does require some additional steps to implement for your business but can be very effective. QR codes are easy to distribute with MMS or image messaging to your audience.

Why use mobile coupons?

Why should businesses be using mobile coupons to promote their business? There are several reasons. First, as mentioned above, mobile coupons are a convenient and effective way to attract new customers and drive traffic to a company’s store. In addition, mobile coupons can help businesses build brand loyalty by rewarding customers for their loyalty and encouraging them to continue doing business with the company. Finally, mobile coupons can be a cost-effective marketing tool, as they often have a higher redemption rate than traditional coupons and can be easily tracked and measured.

Mobile coupons are using to promote business

How to send a Mobile Coupon with SMS

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of mobile coupons and the many ways in which you can distribute them, let’s go over how you can start sending them!

Choose your audience

Your first step in sending our your digital coupons is to choose who you want to send your message out to. If you have an existing sms campaign phone list, select which customers you would like to send your message to.

If you don’t have an opted-in phone list, check out our guide on SMS opt-in strategies here.

Crafting your Message

Once you have your audience chosen, you need to craft a message to send out. Choose which of the above types of digital coupon you are going to use, craft your coupon with all the necessary details for redemption and tracking.

Make sure to double check that your coupon has all the details needed for the promotion before sending, and then click send! It’s that simple!

If you are looking for an existing template for your message or are interested in creating templates for your own digital coupon campaign, check out our article on templates here.

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