Which Text Messaging System Is Right For You?

SMS marketing is one of the most underutilized tools available to businesses, but picking a text messaging system can be overwhelming. Let's walkthrough what to look out for when deciding!

Why do you Need a Text Messaging System?

SMS is arguably the most effective way to communicate with your customers. When customers/consumers receive text messages from businesses, they open them 98% of the time! Think about all the emails we know that consumers have learned to ignore (you likely have an inbox full of emails that have been left unopened as you’re reading this).

Instead, when a business sends a text message, the consumer opens it almost every time! On top of that, these messages have a 45% response rate! In comparison, the response rate to emails is only 1 to 10%. Utilizing a text messaging system can cause a massive increase in B2C (business to consumer) interaction!

So, it’s clear that businesses that are not already using a text messaging system need to start. But, there are so many companies offering this service. How can a business sift through the options and make a choice with confidence? CCAI is here to make that a simple and stress free choice. Here’s how:


CCAI helps connect businesses to consumers:


Using CCAI allows your business to reach all of your clients in seconds. We’ve created an inviting interface that makes it easy to send SMS campaigns to a large number of people. CCAI enables you to insert CSVs, create lists and manually enter client information. Our software also gives you the ability to pre-write messages that you know you’ll need to send more than once.

In two clicks, you can select the clients you want to message and the pre-written message you want to send to them. One click later, your campaign is sent to your customers. That’s three clicks to get you in contact with any and all of your customers. At CCAI, that’s our commitment to you. We have put together software that we know will give you and your business simple and powerful tools to communicate with your customers.

Share Your Message with an SMS Campaign Today!

We make it fast, easy, and affordable to send compliant SMS, Email, and Voice campaigns.

CCAI Helps you Save Money

Text messaging systems do not have to be expensive! CCAI provides a variety of upfront and prepay pricing options to meet your business’ needs. We want you to feel comfortable using our software. We can quickly help you understand all of your options; from cost per text to what features you may or may not need. Text QUOTE to (415) 890-6431 for a free quote and consultation.


CCAI has earned trust in a variety of industries:

CCAI has partnered with businesses across a dozen industries. Gyms and personal trainers can use an SMS campaign to remind members and clients of class times or upcoming payments. A car dealership can write a campaign that sends promotional offers to interested customers. Whatever industry you are in, CCAI has the knowledge and expertise to increase your connectivity with clients and customers.


We makes payments easy:

SMS campaigns through a text messaging system are an effective way to assist consumers in making payments. All your business has to do is send out a message with a link to a payment portal. Since we know that texts to consumers have a 98% open rate, when you send a payment text, you can have confidence that it will be opened. Now, your customers just have to click the link you provided in your text and they are at the payment portal. The consumer taps pay! Done! And if your business is worried about long links in text messages, CCAI provides the option to use short links to improve aesthetics and meet compliance requirements.

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge about compliance:

Please note that CCAI cannot and will not provide legal advice regarding US SMS compliance laws, or compliance laws for any other country. Contact your legal counsel for proper guidance and compliance. 

In regards to compliance, CCAI can get your business on the right path. We understand compliance and our text messaging system is built to put your mind at ease. We are knowledgeable in regards to TCPA, CTIA, and how to obtain proper consent from consumers in order to send them text messages. We understand how to use A2P 10DLC within compliance to prevent headaches and save you money. Signing up with CCAI is a surefire way to start communicating with your customers via text while ensuring your business is within compliance.


CCAI Features:


CCAI has a variety of features, such as: 2 way messaging, scheduled messages, keywords and support for multiple numbers. 2 way messaging enables back and forth communication between business and consumers. Scheduled messages enable you to schedule when you want specific messages to be sent. Keywords allow for consumers to respond to your business with something like a simple “YES” or “NO”. When those keywords are used your business can then respond with the appropriate auto-response that you will have created. Support for multiple numbers means that your business can use multiple phone numbers to send messages from, and receive messages to. Conveniently, using multiple numbers within CCAI means that all those messages that consumers send go to your account for streamlined management in one place.


Get started for free:


CCAI offers a robust text messaging system ready to connect you with your customers. Our expertise in compliance, experience in a dozen industries and well developed system will have you finding success in places you didn’t know you could.


Sign up free and start using CCAI today! We’re confident you’ll be pleased. Text QUOTE to (415) 890-6431 for a free quote and consultation.

98% Open Rate

SMS marketing is the pinnacle of communication for reaching your audience. Get your message out today with premium SMS marketing with

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Jacob Murphy

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