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SMS Solutions for the Automotive Industry

A major part of the world's economy is devoted to the automobile industry. A total of $1.7 trillion was predicted to have been generated by the industry in 2015 alone. This includes manufacturing, retail, and service/ repair. It has been at the forefront of technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI) and safety, serving as a model for other industries to follow in its footsteps.

Furthermore, SMS solutions continue to be at the heart of the industry’s ability to function. There is a good probability that you utilize some form of transportation to go to and from school, work, or social gatherings even if you don’t own a car. Cars have been ubiquitous and the favoured means of transportation since the debut of the Model T Ford hit the market in 1908. All automobiles must be serviced at least once a year, if not more frequently. Customers take their automobiles to mechanics and dealers in order to ensure that everything continues to function properly. The fact remains that while this is a helpful practice, it may also be time-consuming; especially for those who work full-time. Customers must contact dealerships, make arrangements for their vehicle to be serviced, and figure out how to get back to work. 

SMS options that are simple to utilize

SMS solutions are a simple and effective approach to streamline the service and automobile processes. Everyone has a phone, and each of those devices has the capability of sending and receiving SMS messages. This means that automotive clients are easy to reach and have a convenient method of getting in touch with a dealer or service centre. While holding the phone and waiting for an auto-prompter to direct you to the appropriate person is less convenient, immediately typing out a few characters on your phone is faster and more convenient. Those who deal with automobiles must incorporate SMS technology into their customer service strategy in order to fully benefit from it. Customers will be able to arrange appointments, check on the status of a service, and ask basic questions without having to call a center or log onto a website. This is a more efficient and convenient method of conducting business. In addition, using an SMS solution significantly decreases the amount of time that both parties must spend on the booking process. The SMS from the customer can be received by a programme, which will book the service and answer any basic queries the customer may have. If problems emerge, a consultant might be brought in to help the client resolve the situation.

The use of SMS for marketing purposes

SMS solutions are about more than just providing the best possible service to the consumer. With regard to SMS, the car industry can benefit from this technology by increasing sales. Advertising new car models, promotions, and event dates can all be accomplished through the use of bulk SMS, for example. It can also be utilized to obtain useful information about new and present customers. Car dealerships can develop a database of their present customers as well as those who have expressed an interest in purchasing a new car or truck in the recent past. Through the use of a select set of criteria, a dealership can send SMS messages to potential customers based on their age, income bracket, and previous auto purchase history, for example. This tailored approach ensures that only the most qualified applicants for a sale are contacted, eliminating the potential of mass spamming a large number of uninterested purchasers with the same message.

For the Automotive Industry, SMS Marketing is a perfect fit.

The majority of automobile dealerships and garages currently have nearly everything in place to launch a successful SMS marketing campaign. Customer’s mobile phone number is almost always provided to the dealership when they visit a car garage to have a service or a MOT performed on their vehicle. The rationale for this is straightforward: if a customer brings their car in to be examined and does not wish to wait for any work to be completed, they will just head into town or run a few errands until the garage contacts them on their cell phone to inform them that the job has been completed. 

In other words, if you work in the automobile industry and already have a database full of mobile phone numbers, it makes sense to sell your services to them in order to secure their continued patronage.

Build Customer Relationships

The ability to think about what you can sell clients in the automobile industry is second nature, whether it is a used car, a service or an annual maintenance check (MOT). In contrast, far fewer businesses in the industry really connect with their customers about a variety of various topics using their client database. A dealership or garage is in a unique position to educate and inform clients about its products or services. You might want to consider establishing a text club where your loyal customers can receive tips on how to drive more efficiently. Additionally, you may provide them with information on how to properly check the oil and do basic vehicle maintenance tasks. The combination of all of these factors fosters trust, making it significantly more likely that they will return to you the next time they require auto maintenance.


A dealership can connect with its consumers in a variety of methods that are both successful and efficient. In the most obvious case, clients will receive servicing and MOT reminders to remind them that their MOT is about to expire. Make sure you add a call to action in order to urge them to contact you and schedule an appointment with you. An additional example would be to send a simple thank you note after a customer has used a service you provide. You could even experiment with postponed sale marketing with your consumers. Following up with a consumer based on the date and time they purchased a product from you is what this is all about. If, for example, you have clients in your database who have purchased tires, a simple reminder informing them that their tires are likely ready for replacement could result in a transaction you would not have otherwise made.

  • Send Coupons and Promotional Deals to Your Customers: Many people forgo preventative auto services because they believe they are “unnecessary.” To effectively target this population with your auto repair marketing, consider sending out coupons and special offers to your SMS subscriber list, which can be found here. Customers who sign up to receive text messages from your company may even be enticed to do so by offering them special discounts.


  • Send reminders: Making a positive impression on your clients is an important element of marketing your auto repair business, and being helpful is a simple approach to earn their trust. While most car owners are aware of the importance of doing regular maintenance checks on their vehicles, they may not be aware of how frequently they should take their vehicles to an auto repair shop.


  • Confirmation of Appointment: Missed appointments not only cost your company time and money, but they can also be aggravating for a customer whose automobile requires repair.


  • Request a Review: Customer reviews are extremely important in auto repair marketing because they can influence whether or not a potential customer chooses to do business with you. Text messaging makes it easier than ever for business owners to collect customer reviews: simply send out a survey link by SMS or construct a text message poll to solicit input from your customers. Clients can also contact the company more easily if they have questions about their service as a result of SMS marketing.
  • Ask for a Reference: Set up a referral program for your company to make the most of the influence of personal recommendations. Remind your current customers that referring a friend or family member to your company can earn them incentives like free extra services or special discounts.


  • Create Loyalty Programs for Your Customers: With the majority of automobile owners requiring routine maintenance every six months, you can provide extra incentives to keep consumers on your books



If you’re interested in adopting SMS solutions in your company, Cloud Contact AI offers elite SMS marketing solutions. It helps you manage your business communication more efficiently  with powerful, customizable, and completely expandable templates. By creating an account, you will be able to take advantage of limitless free testing. Learn more on our home page.


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