SMS Marketing Statistics

20 SMS Marketing Statistics you Should know

In this article, discover the most captivating SMS marketing statistics to know in 2021 when assessing the use of text messaging for your business.

SMS marketing services has rapidly risen to prominence as one of the most effective marketing channels. Discover a variety of SMS marketing statistics in this article that will get you excited about starting your SMS journey.

Most individuals use their phones throughout the day to keep up with the things that are important to them, from friends and family to important information. In fact, most people pick up their smartphones before they even get out of bed.

You might even pick up your phone several times during the day to check the weather, browse social media, or watch youtube videos. According to a study that surveyed 11,000 people, most humans spend at least 3 hours per day on their phones.

While it’s unlikely that these numbers will hold up in every case, if you avoid these common mistakes and follow our best practices, you will greatly boost your odds.

Individuals can easily get started with text marketing in just 10 minutes by following a few simple steps. To try it out for free, the process involves signing up for an SMS marketing service, creating an account, and setting up your first campaign. Many SMS marketing platforms offer free trials that allow users to explore the features and functionality of the service before committing to a subscription. By taking advantage of these free trials, individuals can quickly gain hands-on experience with text marketing and determine if it is the right fit for their needs.

20 SMS marketing statistics

1. 96% of text messages get opened

2. Most text messages are opened in the first 3 minutes

3. 48.7 million people chose to receive business SMSes in 2020

4. 66% of Americans check their phones 160 a day on average

5. 65% of people in the US sleep with their phones

6. 48% of the world population owns smartphones in 2021

7. 65 million people in the US use mobile coupons

Texting Statistics

8. 45% of potential clients would choose a product or brand after receiving an SMS

9. Statistics show that there will be 7 billion mobile users in the world by 2024

10. Message volume increased by 40% in 2021

11. 75% of people aged 44 and below like contacting businesses via text

12. Gen Z spends approximately 5 to 6 hours a day on their phone

13. 62% of businesses said that the biggest advantage of SMS is quick delivery

14. Retailers increased their spending on SMS platforms by 56% in 2020

15. Over 3/4s of customers want businesses to send them offers using SMS

Start using SMS in your business

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16. 45% of clients respond to branded messages

17. More than 560 million texts are sent per day

18. More than 560 million texts are sent per day

19. 25% of smartphone owners between 18 and 44 couldn’t remember the last time they didn’t have their phones

20. 91% of users who opted to receive SMS found them very useful


Texting is an important part of our everyday lives and continues to grow as the worlds leading communication method. If you’re not already employing SMS strategy in your customer communication strategy, you probably should consider it.

Businesses can significantly reduce response times by implementing auto-reply message templates. These templates allow for quick and efficient setup of out-of-office messages or standard responses to common inquiries. By preparing these messages in advance, businesses can ensure that customers receive timely and informative responses, even when employees are unavailable. This streamlined process saves time and enhances customer satisfaction by providing prompt answers to their queries. With the ability to customize these templates, businesses can tailor their responses to suit different scenarios, making communication more effective and personalized. Overall, implementing auto-reply message templates is a practical and efficient way for businesses to cut response times and improve customer communication.

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