Perfect Timing for Email Marketing Campaign

Properly Timing Your Email Marketing Campaign

Whether you are new to email marketing, or are an experienced marketer looking for quality information. This article aims to answer the common question "When is the best time to send marketing emails?".

Email Marketing Introduction


Email marketing is a popular and effective marketing tool to use to engage with your audience as well as to increase revenue. However, in order to be effective you will need to properly time your email campaigns. In this post we will explore the reason’s timing your email is important as well as provide tips for finding the right time for your email campaigns.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective way for you to reach your audience and increase brand awareness, increase engagement, and improve revenue. With it’s low cost and easy to use applications, it’s no wonder why so many businesses utilize email marketing in their overall marketing plans.

ROI: The average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent.

Engagement: Personalized emails have a 29% higher open rate, as well as 41% higher click-through rates than non-personalized emails.

Measureable Results: Email marketing is easily trackable with data and analytics in order to continually adjust your campaigns in order to optimize your marketing efforts.


Why Timing Matters

The timing of your email marketing is important because your audience is likely receiving dozens if not hundreds of emails everyday. This amount of emails is daunting to most people, and attempting to have your subscribers read your email instead of the other emails they receive is no easy task. To avoid your emails becoming buried or lost in their inbox, proper timing is critical.

According to Campaign Monitor’s study, the average person receives 121 emails each day. That is a lot of competition for your emails to overcome. In order to have your email stand out, you will need to send your emails at the proper moment, when your subscribers are most likely to open and engage with your content.


Things to Consider When Sending an Email Campaign

Who is receiving your emails? Your audience is likely made of a multitude of different professions, age groups, and time zones. Taking these factors into considerition is essential to an effective email campaign in order to properly engage with your audience.

Email segmentation is a great way to account for these different factors. Segmenting your campaign into different sections to account for different factors, is an effective strategy to generate teh best results form your email marketing efforts.

In order to properly segment your emails, gathering information on your audience is important. Different professions as well as stage of their career are just one of the factors to consider when segmenting your emails. Professional level individual’s such as CEO’s are not going to react to email campaigns in the same manner as entry level individuals.

Best Time to Send Marketing Emails

The Best Time to Send Your Email Campaign

To answer this, you need to take into consideration a multitude of factors. Factors such as: your audience as well as the industry your company is in.

According to HubSpot, the best days to send an email campaign are Tuesday and Thursday. From the data gathered, these days have the highest rates of open and click-through of any day of the week. This is believe to be because subscribers have caught up on their emails from over the weekend and are now more likely to engage with your emails.

The timing of your email is just as impactful as what day you choose to send your campaign. From data gathered by GetResponse, the most effective time to send your emails is between 10am and 2pm. During this time frame, your audience is most likely to have the free time to engage with your emails.

Testing for Effectiveness

In order to accurately gauge what day’s and time are going to work best for you, you should test different days and times for your campaigns. With enough campaigns sent at different times, you can begin to analyze your results with reporting tools and uncover what is most effective for your business.

Gathering quality data will take time. However, as you continue to create new email campaigns, your efforts will yield results in more effective campaign results.

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The Bottom Line

In order to produce quality results, timing your email campaigns is critical. By properly timing your emails, you are able to increase the likelihood of your subscribers engagement. With general guidelines to follow as a springboard for your email campaigns you can begin to send effective emails immediately. However in order to generate the best results, experimentation and analysis of your results with reporting tools is critical.

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Cody Kelly

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