Data, Reporting and Analytics at your fingertips.

CloudContactAI’s analytics and reporting tools provides users with the most accurate data, analytics and reporting available, in real time. 

Messages Sent in 2022

SMS Campaigns in 2022

Track User Engagement

Detailed user engagement reporting and analytics for individuals, departments, locations, and more.

Data in Real-Time

Stay informed with accurate data reporting and alaytics in real time.

Delivery Report Notifications

Receive notifications for successful deliveries, errors, and more. Fully customizable to meet your specific needs.


Subscriber Retention

  • Text Campaign Goal 100% 100%
  • Messages Opened 98% 98%


Campaign Delivery

98% Open Rate

Text messages don’t get buried in an inbox the same way that emails do. They also don’t get ignored like a phone call. Get your point across with CCAI.