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How to Write the Perfect Welcome Message

A welcome message is your business' first impression via SMS. Since first impressions last, we've got some tips for you on how to write it!

Why Your Welcome Message Matters

When a customer hands over their phone number, you mustn’t just spam them with any old text. People use their email to sign up for things every day. Often, using your phone number to sign up is optional. Phone numbers are more “sacred.” It’s how people communicate with their contacts; friends, relatives, romantic partners, etc.

If you send a bad message as your welcome text, recipients will view your messages as unhelpful and will likely unsubscribe. If you send a message that makes a good first impression, you won’t be disregarded. 

Now that you’ve got an idea as to why this matters, let’s check out how to write your welcome message!


Tips on Writing a Welcome Message

 • Make it Personal!

One of the most important aspects of SMS Marketing as a whole is to make your messages personal to each customer. By using a customers name, or referencing the purchase they’ve made (or a product they’ve inquired about), you show them that they aren’t just another purchase to you.

This helps build a strong relationship from the jump. To learn more about personalizing your texts, check out our in depth article;  Personalizing your Business’ Text Messages.


• Offer something Worthwhile

By offering a promotion of some kind in your welcome message, you are giving customers a reason to stay subscribed to your SMS list. A great example of this would be to offer them a discount on their next purchase. 

By giving customers a 20% off coupon code it incentivizes them to keep receiving your business’ text messages, as well as recommend your products/ services to other people. 

• Make it ‘Welcoming’ (literally)

Being boring is a great way to get unsubscribed from immediately. Even if you’re offering something in your welcome message, it needs to sound as if it wasn’t written by a bot. 

As with any content your company sends out, whether that’s an email campaign, or a social media post it needs to be creative. If you sound too corporate, you’re never going to get the results you want. 

Sounding boring and corporate isn’t welcoming. The key here is to sound as if you actually care about your customers and whether or not they want to keep getting your texts (which you should).


• Offer Assistance

Your welcome message should show new customers that you’re there to help. Mention in your initial text that you and your staff members are available should the customer have any questions or concerns. 

By having a 2-way text messaging service like CCAI, you give customers a hassle-free way to voice their concerns.


• Keep it Short and Concise

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the advice to make your message welcoming. If your initial text drags on, and is full of useless information, you can almost guarantee that users will unsubscribe from receiving them. 

However, if your initial text is concise and to the point, welcoming users aboard and offering them something, the likelihood of them unsubscribing is far less. 


• Send your Welcome Message Immediately.

Even though our SMS marketing strategy offers up to 98% open-rates, if your messages are sent at the wrong time you run the risk of them being opened then forgotten about. If you send your welcome message immediately after a customer signs up, you negate the risk of getting forgotten about. By sending your welcome message immediately, the customer is reading it while they’re still excited about their purchase/ sign up and they’re less likely to unsubscribe. 



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Writing a quality welcome message is the first step to strengthening relationships with your customers via SMS.  By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure that customers will not only be willing to receive texts from your business, but that they’ll look forward to it.

Our compliant business text messaging platform makes it fast, easy, and affordable to send SMS, Email, and Voice campaigns as well as engage in two-way conversations with your customers in real-time from the inbox of our intuitive web portal. 

When you sign up for Cloud Contact AI, our team of marketing experts guarantees that your SMS and email campaigns are compliant with the latest rules and regulations. Contact us today to learn more!


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