Email Marketing Trends and Strategies

Take a look at some of the most recent email marketing trends and discover what they can do for you. We will cover several trends as well as a few tips in this article, so let's dive right in.

Email marketing has been around for quite some time. It has seen a considerable amount of changes over the years, but for the most part has remained the same at its core: an effective way for companies to reach out to their audience to promote products, services, and updates. Amidst the rise of social media and its impact, email marketing is still seen as one of the foremost effective marketing strategies around. See how email marketing can still be an effective tool for reaching your subscribers in 2022.


Email Segmentation

Segmenting your email campaigns into different groups is a proven way to ensure that you’re sending the right message, to the right subscribers. Most companies offer multiple products or services for an array of customers, and those customers are most likely to be a diverse group of people. Craft your emails with this in mind and cater to the subscriber audience who is reading the email.



Open Rates

Open rates have consistently been used as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), however, with Apple’s iOS 15 update, those metrics are no longer nearly as effective. Apple’s release of iOS 15 added a new feature which Apple claims is aimed to protect their users and their user’s data from third parties. With this update, Apple is now preloading all email content, which causes emails to appear ‘opened’, thus making open rates as a KPI obsolete. Apple has had a history of throwing a wrench in marketing, ios 14 had a major impact on Facebook marketing when it went into effect.


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Lead Magnets

When crafting emails for subscribers, one of the most common mistakes made is taking too direct of a route toward revenue generation. We all know that the reason for these emails is to make money, but putting links directly to your site to sell your service or product is not an effective strategy.  Lead magnets offer a more organic path for your readers to purchase a product or service. Lead magnets are something that does not have a price on their own, however, they help strengthen the relationship between companies and their customers by offering something for free. Next are examples of some lead magnet ideas.

Free Product Samples or Trials: Free is in everyone’s budget, and it gets everyone’s attention. Giving customers the opportunity to test out a product or service before committing to a financial decision is music to most people’s ears. This is one of the most tried and true methods of lead magnets.

Quizzes: Quizzes are a great way to get your subscribers to engage with your email campaigns. Quizzes create an interactive way for your audience to give you feedback in an entertaining way.

Templates: Many companies have found success with offering free templates to their subscribers with their email campaigns. Curating the right templates for the right audience isn’t always fitting for all industries, however, when possible it has shown to be an effective manner for improving email campaigns.

Webinar or Virtual Course: Webinars offer your subscribers an opportunity to engage with you and you have the opportunity to put a face on your brand.

Case Study: Case studies are a great way of providing proof of what your company is capable of in a clear manner and showcasing that. In addition to showcasing your abilities to your existing customer base, case studies are also a great opportunity to generate new customers. For an example of a case study click here.


As technology is constantly evolving, email marketing has become increasingly difficult to be successful. With systems such as the iOS 15 update and Mail Privacy Policy (MPP) being put in place by Apple, as well as Google’s Gmail filtration; getting emails to reach the primary inbox requires more fine-tuning. Not creating emails that are personalized has a long list of unfortunate consequences. Some of the perils of in-personalized emails are things such as: losing subscribers, deleted emails, having your emails categorized as spam or junk, and overall creating disinterest in your company. So how can you personalize your emails so that these don’t happen to you? Here are a few tips.

Person to person: Emails sent from one person to another are the types of emails that make it into your subscriber’s primary inbox. Keeping your emails addressed to your subscribers in the email written “from” an employee of the company is a great way to engage in a person-to-person manner. 

Subject Line: Using your subscriber’s name in the subject line along with what your email is about is a great way to help the email stand out from the rest of their inbox.

Timing: Sending your subscribers the right email at the correct time is a great way to increase their brand loyalty. Sending your customer a coupon at the right time could be the first step in gaining a loyal brand ambassador for years to come.

For more information and tips on personalization, take a look here.



Data protection and privacy are serious subjects and it leaves companies with legal obligations to follow the rules and regulations. Staying informed on these issues is crucial. In order to protect your subscriber’s data privacy, do what you can to ensure they are receiving the content they want to by allowing them to choose what is sent to them.

Cody Kelly

Cody Kelly

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