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“The customer response rate through CCAI has far exceeded our expectations.” – Bryan Burns, Let’s Play Soccer

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Client Introduction

Let’s Play Soccer is a dynamic sports facility that offers state-of-the-art soccer fields and programs for both amateur enthusiasts and professional athletes. They are committed to providing an exceptional soccer experience to players of all skill levels, fostering a community of passionate sports enthusiasts.

Problem/Client Challenges

Amid the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Let’s Play Soccer encountered a formidable hurdle in efficiently managing their customer inquiries. Their pre-existing system grappled to cope with the surging influx of inquiries, leading to delayed responses and mounting customer frustration.

The second challenge was the reputation risk that stemmed from the inability to manage these inquiries effectively. Let’s Play Soccer had built its identity around fostering a vibrant and accessible soccer community, where interactions between players, fans, and enthusiasts were expected to be seamless. However, the influx of inquiries and the resulting delayed responses were putting this reputation at stake. As the organization’s spokesperson noted, “”Maintaining a seamless connection with our soccer community is vital.”” The accumulation of unanswered inquiries not only eroded trust but also created frustration among their community members, potentially causing them to seek alternatives.

Addressing these dual challenges was imperative for Let’s Play Soccer. Their soccer community was not only the lifeblood of their organization but also a source of their strength and identity. To uphold their reputation and maintain this vital connection, Let’s Play Soccer needed to find solutions that could effectively manage the surging volume of inquiries while ensuring prompt and satisfactory responses.

Let’s Play Soccer Challenges


  • CCAI Solutions: SMS, Email, Smart Scheduler
  • CCAI Services: UI/UX and Mobile Application Development, Integrations

In collaboration with Let’s Play Soccer, our team embarked on a tailored approach to adapt the solution to their specific requirements. This entailed seamless integration with their pre-existing customer service platform, ensuring a smooth transition. Moreover, our dedicated team conducted thorough training sessions for Let’s Play Soccer’s staff to maximize the effectiveness of the newly integrated system.

In addition to utilizing CloudContactAI’s communication platform, which includes SMS and email features that are integral to their daily operations, Let’s Play Soccer also harnessed our development expertise to create a new Scheduler and a mobile app. These additions were designed to further enhance their engagement with their soccer community, streamlining scheduling processes and facilitating on-the-go interactions, thereby bolstering their reputation as a community-focused soccer organization.

Let’s Play Soccer solution


After implementing CloudContactAI’s Customer Engagement Solution, Let’s Play Soccer achieved impressive results:

87% Reduction in Response Time: Customer inquiries were addressed within minutes, leading to heightened customer satisfaction.

30% Increase in Customer Engagement: With automated responses and personalized interactions, customer engagement surged, strengthening their soccer community.

Data Stats: The solution processed over 10,000 inquiries in the first month, with a 96% accuracy rate, ensuring consistent and reliable responses.


In conclusion, Let’s Play Soccer’s journey with CloudContactAI has transformed not only their customer engagement but also their entire approach to technology. Beyond being a communications platform, CloudContactAI has become a trusted technology advisor and strategic partner. This alliance empowered Let’s Play Soccer to overcome daunting challenges by efficiently managing customer inquiries and safeguarding their cherished reputation.

Through seamless integration, training, and innovative additions like the Smart Scheduler and mobile app, Let’s Play Soccer achieved remarkable results, including an impressive 87% reduction in response time and a 30% boost in customer engagement. With over 10,000 inquiries processed in the first month alone and a remarkable 96% accuracy rate, this partnership has not only resolved immediate issues but also laid the foundation for sustained growth and a stronger connection with their soccer community. This success story stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and technology in enhancing customer satisfaction and community building for Let’s Play Soccer.

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