Let's Play Soccer

Let’s Play Soccer Switched to CCAI and Increased Response Rates by 40%

Let’s Play Soccer operates 24 indoor soccer facilities in 10 states. Cloud Contact AI enables LPS to reach their customers at all of their facilities via SMS, helping them generate more teams, players per team, and matches played per season, resulting in increased ROI.

Let's Play Soccer


With email, Let’s Play Soccer struggled to reach their customers and better yet, get their people to respond to their messages.

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With CCAI’s SMS solution, LPS was able to reach their audience with SMS and receive 40% response rates, compared to the 1-3% response rates from email.

Let’s Play Soccer has 24 indoor soccer facilities around the world, each managed by different teams. Each facility has anywhere from 500 to 2,000 people who require frequent contact for things such as upcoming events, reschedules, on-boarding, pickup games, etc.

With COVID-19, their facilities were required to shut down without any idea when or whether they would be able to open again. Over the course of the shutdown, they tried to use existing engagement methods, such as email to reach their audience; however, they weren’t getting the engagement they needed.

That’s when they turned to CCAI’s SMS solution to reach their audience and began to see astronomical results.

Let's Play Soccer

How SMS enabled LPS to provide better support for their customers

From their very first SMS campaign, LPS was able to see instant results. Their first campaign received upward of 50% response rates, which blew their prior means of customer communication out of the water.

After the results of the first campaign, switching to SMS was a no-brainer. Let’s Play Soccer was eager to start on-boarding their other facilities and begin building more reliable relationships with their customers.

After they launched a campaign, they were able to respond to their customers in real time, while seeing past conversations with CCAI’s inbox component – something their previous solution didn’t offer them. The easy to use inbox lets LPS provide their customers with a faster and more personalized experience for cases that need to be resolved quickly.

Bryan Burns Testimonial

“CCAI provides us a way to easily and effectively communicate with our customers. This includes marketing, payment reminders, game reminders, etc… The customer response rate through CCAI has far exceeded our expectations. “

Bryan Burns, Let’s Play Soccer

Cross-facility customer communication

A better alternative to email wasn’t the only reason LPS chose CCAI. Like mentioned above, LPS has 24 facilities that are managed each from different teams, which is where CCAI’s Sub-Accounts feature came in handy. With their email solution, they were unable to distinguish between the different facilities and had to use one account to manage all of their communication.

The ability to have sub-accounts enabled them to divide each facility into their own sub-account for easy management. Inside of each sub-account, the administrators were able to assign specific roles and permissions for each employee and choose which facilities they had access to.

“CCAI was very easy to roll out to our company. It requires zero knowledge of coding and has an intuitive user-friendly interface.”

Bryan Burns

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