What to Look for When Choosing a Bulk SMS Service

Communication strategies are fundamental to the success of any company. The ability to get a message to both existing and potential customers/ clients is important for obvious reasons. Emails get left unopened; buried in the recipient's inbox along with thousands of others. Phone calls from unknown numbers go unanswered. Texts however, rarely go unopened. In addition to being a low-cost resource, the conversion rate is high and the content delivery guaranteed, using mass SMS correctly creates broader and more assertive communication for your business.

 What is Bulk SMS?

Before joining any service, you must understand what it is. Bulk SMS is nothing more than send and receive text messages via SMS to a specific number; these messages can be sent in bulk or in a personalized manner.

Also known as SMS marketing, this communication strategy is intended to bring in more customers

The use of SMS messages, although it is an old acquaintance of personal communication, is an important resource for any business– regardless of its size.

Mass messages can also favor corporate communication, sending content in a segmented way to different audiences. From your company’s employees and collaborators to your base customer portfolio.

With corporate SMS, it is possible to notify about events, meetings, make appointments with customers, etc. Creating opportunities for dialogue between your company and different audiences.

Who can use bulk SMS?

Text messaging remains an essential means of communication in the corporate environment, being known as SMS Marketing Services. In these messages, you can send:

  • Promotions
  • Information about your product/service
  • News and releases
  • Exclusive content
  • Invoices or billing information
  • Alerts
  • Service protocols

And much more!

But we must take into account a crucial point: the texts must be short and to the point.

Nobody wants to be sending one message at a time, so that’s where bulk SMS comes in.

How does it work? It’s simple! In a single click, the message can reach thousands of contacts at the same time.

Check below what are the advantages of sending bulk SMS:

1. Guaranteed delivery

It’s rare for you to meet a person who doesn’t use their cell phone for a few hours during the day because the device has become indispensable in their routine. Sending text messages is accessible and you still have the guarantee that it will reach its destination; after all, there is no need for an internet connection.

2. Popularity and practicality

Texting is already part of everyone’s daily life. Utilize this to your advantage.

3. Economy

Text messaging via SMS is considerably cheap compared to other forms of media (printed or digital).

For this relationship and marketing strategy to work efficiently, in addition to good content/copy work, it is also important to know the technologies necessary to make it all happen. Choosing the right SMS marketing service can make or break the outcome.

SMS Marketing Tools

1. 360nrs

The first tool is called 360 nrs and calls itself ”your comprehensive digital marketing platform.It offers you the possibility of communicating with your clients through 6 channels:

  • Bulk SMS 
  • Mailing service
  • Push up notifications
  • Web push notification
  • SMS landing page
  •  Automatic calls 

With this simple tool, you will be able to fragment deliveries, schedule them, customize the text and the sender set an expiration date for the message and send it in 180 countries.

It is paid and has a wide variety of plans that adapt to your needs: subscription plans (from € 39 / month), by service (from € 59 / month), by use (€ 0.034 / SMS).

2. Acumbamail

Acumbamail is one of the most popular email marketing tools and also offers the service of sending SMS.

It contains tools to create and send SMS campaigns to your subscribers and clients and send them to almost any country. In the following video, he shows you how to do it, it is very simple!

The price of the text marketing services will depend on the monthly amount of messages you want to send. The most basic plan contains 250 accumulative SMS and costs € 10.74 / month.

3. Altiria

This other SMS marketing tool allows you to manage contact information and message content from the website itself. In addition, it will confirm the reading of them so that you can monitor the campaign.

Its features include:

  • Sender customization.
  • Delivery confirmation.
  • SMS concatenation 
  • Send UNICODE encoding 
  • Statistics.

4. DescomSMS

DescomSMS also offers the service of sending SMS through its website, its motto is” send it by SMS, you will read it”.

Among its functionalities are the personalization of the sender, delivery confirmation, and sending of SMS at a specific date and time.

The prices of this service are:

  • 50,000 SMS (€ 0.055 / SMS)
  • 75,000 SMS (€ 0.043 / SMS)
  • 100,000 SMS (€ 0.038 / SMS)

5. Esendex

Esendex is a platform whose functions include sending SMS and SMS landing pages.

It has several templates that you can customize, like the sender’s name, you can measure the results in real-time, send voice messages via SMS, and you can use specific characters, and enrich the quality of your messages, among others.

It has a free trial and its payment plans start at € 60 / month.

6. Instasent

Instant is an SMS marketing application with cloud storage; which allows you to access it from any device.

Among its functionalities you can: create, send and analyze your campaigns, have global coverage (more than 200 countries), multilingual service, without limitation of the number of characters, you can program messages and customize the sender, among others.

You have a free trial of the service and, in the rates section; you can create a budget tailored to your needs, establishing the money you have to spend on this campaign.

7. Mailify

Mailify is an SMS and email marketing tool developed in 2001, which from the beginning stood out thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. With its growth, it was adapting to the needs of its clients, now offering a complete service for the management of a more efficient mailing strategy.

Among the services offered, it has:

  • Management of email and SMS campaigns, as well as the creation of automated campaigns.
  • Optimizing a Lead List and Subscriber Loyalty
  • Creation of landing pages, forms, and email templates, by specialized designers.

To discover your rate and receive a quote, you need to register on their website. However, with the registration, they offer a free trial month of all the functionalities of the platform.

8. MDirector

This other SMS marketing tool is very easy to use. It offers you a multi-channel service (email, mobile,  social networks, or display) with which you can combine the SMS marketing strategy with other communication channels. In addition, you will be able to customize the messages and the sender, send them to almost any country, and create impact reports.

The steps to create a campaign with MDirector:

1. Define the type of SMS campaign you want to design.
2.Then you must create your message. The tool allows you to incorporate the name you want, choose labels and segment the audience to which the message is directed. In addition, you can include a link.
3.Subsequently, you must choose the users you want to send the SMS to, segmenting them to your liking.
4.You can schedule the shipment or send it directly.
5.Measure the results.

Their payment plans start at € 349 / year. 


Bulk SMS marketing is an incredibly effective and affordable way to wrangle in new customers, and maintain a relationship with current ones. Choosing the correct 

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