Use SMS Marketing to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

In the world of eCommerce, Klaviyo is a marketing automation tool. Customer acquisition, nurturing, and retention are all made easier with this solution’s comprehensive set of features.

Shoppers and their favourite brands can communicate instantly and in real time using Cartloop, a conversational text messaging platform that helps businesses build closer relationships with their customers while increasing revenue.

When it comes to email marketing and follow-up emails, ShopMagic is a WooCommerce plugin that assists you in growing your business through marketing automation by increasing conversions and client retention.

The question of how Cartloop compares to other platforms for conversational SMS marketing comes up frequently. Particularly competitive is the Klaviyo platform, which was launched in 2015. However, there are some significant differences between the two platforms in terms of what they are intended to do, where their strengths lie and where their weaknesses lie, as well as the ease with which you may experiment with them as well as the costs and features.Consequently, to assist you in answering your queries, we have conducted an in-depth examination of each platform to assist you in determining which one is most suited for your brand’s specific marketing goals, based on features, free trials, availability, cost and other factors.

Ultimately, we believe that Cartloop is the superior choice for organisations that desire to engage with shoppers in real time, at the exact moment when they require it the most, by employing a human-centered approach.

Using Klaviyo, brands and stores can automate their SMS and email marketing campaigns by putting everything on autopilot.In an omnichannel marketing strategy, Cartloop and Klaviyo are complementary to one another and can be quite effective.The text marketing tools we’re evaluating here are all focused solely on text marketing, but they take a variety of techniques and offer a variety of features — for example, Cartloop offers a completely managed service, while Klaviyo offers a self-service option.Because ShopMagic is a WooCommerce extension, you retain ownership and complete control over your customers’ and store’s data in perpetuity. Here are the elements that stick out when comparing Cartloop to Klaviyo and Shopmagic, as well as examples of how those features are put to use.

Shopmagic features:

  • Custom events, filters, actions, and placeholders can be created.
  • Sending emails with customised templates is possible.
  • Using other plugins and web applications to extend the functionality of your website.
  • Overriding the default plugin behaviour is possible with this setting.

Klaviyo features:

  • Email Marketing- Building and personalizing emails, sending outbound emails, manage email deliverability, automated email responses.
  • Online Marketing- landing pages and forms, dynamic content, A/ B testing, mobile optimized, search tracking and optimization.
  • Lead Management-Marketing Lead Database, Data Quality Management, Segmentation, Lead Scoring and Grading, Lead Nurturing, Online Behavior Tracking, Automated Alerts and Tasks, CRM Lead Integration
  • Campaign Management-Program Management, Event / Webinar Marketing, Calendaring, Budgeting
  • Reporting & Analytics- Web Analytics, ROI Analytics, Revenue Analytics, SEO / Keyword Analytics
  • Templates- Text and Themes, Proofing, Mobile Responsive
  • Text Messaging- Bulk SMS, Two-Way Text Messaging, Text Scheduler, Automatic Replies, Automatic URL Shortening, MMS Marketing, Personalization
  • SMS Platform-Reporting, Automation, API Integration

Cartloop Features:

  • Activity Dashboard- The data displayed on the Dashboard are related to Cartloop’s performance and include: total revenue, average order value, number of orders, conversion rate, and number of conversations. The Conversion Rate is the percentage of persons who made a purchase after clicking on a link in a text message.
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking– It helps in tracking the return of investment.
  • Auto-Responders- Engage in conversation with your clients. Make use of Cartloop’s Live SMS Concierge service, or respond to consumers directly from the chats inbox.
  • Campaign Analytics- Helps in campaign management, planning, scheduling, segmentation.
  • Channel Attribution- Allows in contextual targeting, conversion tracking, coupons available.
  • Customer Segmentation- Allowing your customers to believe they are one in a million is essential. A conversational approach to SMS advertisements can help your clients fall in love with your brand. Increase the number of subscribers who become lifetime customers by using a more human tone in your messages.
  • Deliverability and Compliance- Deliver every text message on time and in compliance with the law. To ensure the best level of deliverability, choose a dedicated local or toll-free phone number. Our team collaborates with prominent global carriers to develop guidelines and best practises that are relevant to their operations.
  • Engagement Tracking- Allows tracking traffic and performs event triggered actions.
  • Real Time Analytics- Real-time analytics, right down to the individual chat
  • It is essential to understand how your SMS marketing efforts are performing. View the results of conversation insights from the Cartloop dashboard, allowing you to make better business decisions.
  • Real Time Data and reporting is done through cartloop.
  • SMS Marketing- Conversations that are both engaging and conversion-oriented
  • Who loves bots in the first place? Conversational texts convert at a rate three times higher than one-way texts. Each step of the buying journey is enhanced by Cartloop’s Human Automation, which allows your audience to connect with your business on a more personal level.
  • Third Party Integrations- Cartloop also interfaces with customer service platforms such as Gorgias and Zendesk.
  • Visual Analytics is also done through cartloop.

Cartloop Pricing

Klaviyo Pricing

ShopMagic Pricing

Comparison between three platforms :

Cartloop Klaviyo Shopmagic
1 Working Mechanism Cartloop works with brands who want to engage with shoppers in real time, utilising actual people. Klaviyo works with businesses and retailers who want to put their SMS marketing on autopilot by utilising automated processes and workflows. The SMS segmentation tool allows you to combine filters in order to target your SMS messages more specifically. ShopMagic is an email marketing and follow-up emails plugin for WooCommerce that helps you grow your business with marketing automation by increasing conversions and retaining customers.
2 Control Cartloop is a managed service that provides complete control over its operations. Klaviyo is a platform that allows users to self-serve. Provides Follow up emails and marketing automation
3 24/7 Cart Recovery Experts Cartloop employs the best-in-class Experts that interact with consumers in real time, responding to their questions and concerns. Klaviyo sends out automated messages based on how clients respond to your SMS messages, using pre-built themes.
4 International Coverage In addition to the United States, Cartloop is currently available in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, with new nations becoming available on a monthly basis. Klaviyo SMS is only available for phone numbers in the United States. Internationally available
5 Post-Purchase Flows Cartloop recovery Experts are trained to engage customers for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. As a result, they can provide relevant product recommendations to customers, just as if they were in a physical store asking for assistance. This feature is not available in Klaviyo. This feature is available
6 Real-Time Customer Insights Cartloop’s Experts have a conversation with the customers. They are able to obtain particular insight and comments directly from the clients because they are having real-time, actual discussions with them. They identify the most common reasons why shoppers abandon their shopping carts and then deliver that information straight to you, allowing you to make more informed decisions and optimise your business as a result. Customers might need support for below queries: Payment related questions
Technical issues with the website
Discount questions
Product related questions
Shipping time related questions
This feature is not available in Klaviyo.
7 Pricing policy Cartloop’s pricing mechanism is rather basic in its approach. they bill their clients according on the amount of revenue they earn. Klaviyo operates on a Pay as You Go (Pay as You Go) model. That is, you get charged based on the number of texts you send. The first 50 messages are completely free. After that, you can make additional deposits into your account to send additional messages. Personal
Billed yearly, cancel anytime
All 10 PRO add-ons
Unlimited Updates & Support for 1 Site
Premium 1-on-1 Support
All core features included,
Billed yearly, cancel anytime
All 10 PRO add-ons
Unlimited Updates & Support for 25 Sites
Priority 1-on-1 Support
All core features includedProfessional
8 Cart Reminders Cart reminders are issued 24 hours after a shopper has abandoned his cart and has not yet recovered it using our discount code or custom link to complete the transaction. Although Klaviyo is not a cart abandonment solution in and of itself, it does allow you to automatically send cart recovery letters to clients who have abandoned their shopping carts. You will be able to lessen cart abandonment as a result of this. This feature is available
9 Product Analytics This function allows you to gain a better understanding of which products perform the best and which products are the most popular among your clients. After that, you can reuse those products in post-purchase flows. Klaviyo provides this feature This feature is available
10 Custom URL With the Custom Short Url Subdomain feature in Cartloop, you may include your company’s name in the links, which will help to raise brand awareness, consumer trust, and click-through rates for your products. Klaviyo provides this feature This feature is available
11 1-Click Integration with Shopify It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the integration. After that, you may save time and money by not having to spend hours designing workflows and automations because Cartloop is a fully managed service. Easily integrates with shopify Can be easily integrated with woocommerce and mailjet
12 14-Day Unlimited Free Trial During the 14-day free trial period, we will send you an unlimited number of SMS. The majority of our users get results within the first 24 hours of using our service. You can send 500 emails maximum to up to 250 contacts for free, or A free account also includes a complimentary phone number and up to 150 SMS messages, which you can use to reach up to 50 SMS contacts each month Core functionalities of ShopMagic are free forever. However, some add-ons which you can use to enhance your eCommerce possibilities are to be paid.

Why Should You Use SMS Marketing Services?

There are a variety of reasons why email marketing has lost its effectiveness. Beyond the accumulation of messages from numerous companies that email users receive daily, spam filters and automated categories in many popular email services have made this form of marketing less visible than it was previously. Text messages, on the other hand, are almost always read. The contrast between emails, which are rarely opened, and texts, which are almost always read, is startling. While email is still useful for reaching a large number of people and sending large-scale messages, it is not as effective for delivering tailored news and offers to customers promptly as it used to be.
In addition to it being free, SMS marketing strategies are an affordable option for small businesses, and it has eight times the response rate of email, as well as a 98 percent open rate, it is not device-dependent, ensuring that all of your customers can view your marketing messages, and it doesn’t matter where your customer is located — all countries provide network coverage for SMS marketing services.

E-commerce and SMS

Mobile development is accelerating. By 2019, it is expected that the total number of mobile phone users will exceed 5 billion. Over the past four years, the proportion of online traffic coming from mobile devices has nearly doubled.
Furthermore, shopping from mobile devices is expected to continue to grow; it is estimated that smartphones were used in more than $1 trillion in retail sales in the United States in 2013. And with the rise of the retail omnichannel experience, buyers are increasingly moving between devices as they research, compare, and purchase goods. As a result of the current economic climate, people are increasingly turning to eCommerce for solutions to obtain what they require. SMS marketing for small businesses can play a significant role in increasing customer engagement with your company. Because people are making more and more purchases on their smartphones, it makes sense to market to them on the same device.
Customers can be notified of a variety of messages via SMS or in-application notifications. Customers who visit the sales platform and make purchases as a result of special limited-time offers that are based on current pressing needs can be great leads for your business. Customers can be notified when certain items are back in stock if certain items are in high demand and there is a shortage of stock for a particular item. Customers benefit from having the most up-to-date information about safety and health policies, which is updated regularly.

SMS and Chat Commerce

As a bonus, the combination of e-commerce and SMS strategy creates the ideal platform for your company to expand into the rapidly growing chat commerce market. Customer satisfaction is highest when SMS, WhatsApp, and any other messaging channel that the customer prefers is available to them, so choose a provider that allows you to scale your business across multiple channels in the best possible way.

Getting your e-commerce store started with SMS marketing services
Text message marketing is a low-cost and effective way to get into the mobile market. To take full advantage of SMS marketing automation, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Select a service provider

When selecting an SMS provider to use for text marketing for small businesses, there are multiple things to consider:

What will the cost of the service be?

Find out the specifics of the operational costs and the price to send and receive SMS messages. Using an automated marketing service provider such as Clickatell, you can get a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your campaign.
Pay attention to how often emails are delivered and whether they bounce.
SMS providers should provide statistics on the number of messages that have been delivered. The return on investment from SMS is very good; however, undeliverable or bounced messages are a waste of both time and money.

Where do they ship their products?

You may serve customers from different states or even different countries if you run an online business.
Simple integration with your existing applications should be a top priority for your SMS service provider. Also important is gaining access to analytics to improve the effectiveness of your send and receive SMS marketing services. When it comes to your target audience, for example, a specific offer may perform better than another.


The goal of your SMS marketing campaign might be to increase sales of a specific product, or it might be to grow your VIP list to send and receive SMS marketing campaigns. It’s important to stay focused on your goal, whatever it may be.

Create a Strategy for Engagement

In any marketing channel, the path to greater customer engagement isn’t always simple. There are, however, effective tactics for connecting with e-commerce customers that can be used.
Consider including an opt-in box at the bottom of your website’s checkout page. A mobile number is a highly sought-after resource; give your customers a compelling reason to share theirs — opt-in forms that include incentives can attract 600 percent more subscribers than those that do not.
Create an email list or a strong social media presence and use your keywords to drive traffic to those platforms. Watch your list grow as a result.

SMS Marketing Strategy for Small Business Marketing

Following your preparations for a successful SMS marketing campaign, it’s time to concentrate on optimizing your message delivery and delivery rates. Here are a few tried-and-true strategies for text marketing for small businesses.

Notifications and Updates

Is there a new product in your online store that you’d like to promote? Send and receive SMS updates to your customers to keep them up to date.
Allowing your subscribers to sign up for general alerts and updates is a simple way to get started with the SMS strategy, and it will save you time and money.
To keep customers up to date on promotions, Virtual Designs, a mobile marketing agency, employs SMS marketing techniques. The SMS platform from Clickatell is highly rated by Virtual Designs for its ease of use, dependability, and affordability.

Unique promotional offers

Brick-and-mortar stores are well aware that SMS marketing is a highly effective method of informing customers about sales and special offers. For e-commerce customers, special offers and coupons have a strong pull as well. When Julep, an e-commerce beauty retailer, sent out a nail polish coupon via text message, customers who clicked on the link experienced a 17.4 percent purchase conversion rate.

Benefits that are specific to you

Just because you’re sending your messages via automated marketing doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the experience for your customers. Customer willingness to share more personal data in exchange for personalized marketing offers was discovered by a Salesforce study. Simple ways to accomplish this with automated marketing technology include sending birthday wishes to subscribers along with a special offer or incentive.

Engagement boost

SMS is a great way to build personal relationships with customers.
Snapple company sends random facts to your phone.
Sign up for Snapple’s Real Facts to learn:
Peaches are almond relatives.
Mosquitoes love people who eat bananas.
These messages may not immediately convert customers, but they can build meaningful relationships with them.

Live Promotions

It is possible to quickly share real-time promotions with the help of automated marketing, which has several advantages. Make use of special occasions such as holidays and special shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to inspire your designs and illustrations.


In the competitive e-commerce world, marketing your small business can be difficult, but automated marketing with bulk SMS marketing continues to outperform other channels year after year. While text message marketing may appear to be too intrusive at first, it is extremely effective when used with caution and following the wishes and expectations of the customer base. Customers who have a direct line of communication with businesses as they transition to eCommerce to continue serving them can be enticed to purchase from those businesses and meet their needs from wherever they may be.