Text Messaging Services for Churches

Text Messaging Services are an excellent tool to keep everyone in your church informed and involved. Why? Because text messages get opened! Text messages have a 98% open rate. That means your church members and even first time attendees won’t get left out of the loop.


There are so many ways for SMS campaigns or text messaging services to be of use to churches. Let’s explore some of those options and how Cloud Contact AI can help your church communicate the way it should.

CCAI helps connect businesses to consumers:


Sign up for notifications:

Using texting services for churches will allow your church body to easily stay up to date with everything going on in your church. Members and first timers alike can receive reminders for services, studies, potlucks and all the other amazing community events your congregation puts together. Additionally, CCAI makes it easy to send notifications to all sorts of large and small groups when your church schedules messages. When scheduling messages, your church’s staff can pre-write and schedule messages to be sent as often they decide. With CCAI, we make it easy to keep your congregation informed and up to date.


Use keywords to make communication fast and simple:

Well, what is a keyword, and how does it work? A keyword is a specific word or phrase that you’ve selected that a church attendee can text to your church’s phone number or short code that adds the sender’s number to a list. The sender can then also receive information specific to that keyword.

Let’s use an example. A man named Bob arrives at your church for the first time. Bob is enjoying the service and wants to start receiving notifications about everything happening at your church. During the service, Bob reads on the pamphlet or hears someone say, “Text the word ‘New’ to our phone number, and we’ll get you signed up to be notified of events in our community.” So, Bob texts “New”, the keyword, to the number advertised. Just like that, Bob can start receiving notifications. He’s now connected to all that your congregation has to offer.

Other key words can be created as well. Maybe your church is starting a study in the book of Romans. Someone who wants to join the Romans study can text “ROMANS” to the church’s number. After this person texts “ROMANS”, they are immediately added to your list of contacts for the study, and they also receive a message back telling them when and where the study will take place. Keywords are a simple and effective tool to connect church attendees to the services and activities offered at your church.


98% Open Rate

SMS marketing is the pinnacle of communication for reaching your audience. Get your message out today with premium SMS marketing with

Multiple Numbers

Our software supports using multiple phone numbers. Your church can have a phone number specific to each ministry; from bible studies to prayer groups. For example; if an attendee has a prayer request during the week, they can send it to a number that your church uses only for prayer requests. That means that all of the prayer requests go to one inbox where your prayer team can quickly find new messages and pray over them. Ultimately, using multiple numbers allows your church to stay organized and communicate well.


Using text messages for donations:

Using text messaging can also simplify receiving donations. As an example, members can consent to receive a monthly reminder text to make a donation. In the text, your church can provide a link to the donation portal. The member can open the text, see the link and quickly navigate to the donation portal. This simple process can make donating a headache-free practice for your church members.


Two Way Messaging:

CCAI enables churches to communicate with two way text messaging. Two way messaging is just like it sounds. Anyone with a question can text your church’s number to start asking questions and start getting answers. Yes, your church can respond with automatic responses to many different questions; but, your church can also have live staff standing by to quickly answer more complex questions.


Home Groups:

CCAI can help your church manage home groups. Home groups often occur at all sorts of different times and different places, making logistics more complicated. Using our software, your church can create lists of contacts for each home group. This will allow your church to write messages and send notifications to all of your different groups with just a few clicks.

Youth Groups:

We all know how many moving parts are involved in running youth groups. Whether you’re a large or small church, we’re here to help. We give your church the tools to communicate with everyone involved without getting lost or overwhelmed. Your church can create and send messages to students, parents, volunteers or all of the above. CCAI gives your church a central location to manage all of your communications. We’re here to make youth groups just a little bit less work.


What about Compliance?

Compliance can be an intimidating roadblock to implementing text messaging services in your church. CCAI is here to help make that task easy. We know exactly how to work with the regulations required by the several compliance organizations. Signing up with CCAI is a surefire way to start communicating with your church via text while ensuring the messages your church sends are within compliance. That’s our guarantee.

Please note, CCAI cannot and will not give legal advice regarding US SMS compliance laws. Contact your legal counsel for proper guidance and compliance.


Customer Service

Whether or not your church feels comfortable using or implementing text messaging systems, CCAI is eager to walk alongside you and your staff every step of the way. We are committed to making sure that you and your congregation get everything you need to make your communications as efficient and effective as possible.

Sign up free and start using CCAI today! Text QUOTE to (415) 890-6431 for a free quote and consultation.

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Jacob Murphy

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