Simple and Effective SMS Strategies for Hotels to Improve Guest Satisfaction

Improve GSS and build stronger relationships with your guests using CCAI's text messaging services

How Can Texting Improve Customer Service?

For nearly all Americans, life today would be hard to imagine without the use of their smartphone. They are used for searching for answers to previously unanswerable questions, such as “What is the name of that actress in that one 90’s comedy?” In addition to being our personal ‘oracle’, smartphones are also used to purchase groceries, trade stocks, and last but certainly not least, communication.

Texting has become the primary form of communication in Americans’ daily lives. Data shows that 97% of Americans text at least once per day, and over six billion text messages are sent each day in the United States.

Hotels must continually adapt and innovate to ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty. Leveraging text messaging services is a proven method to enhance communication with guests and deliver exceptional service. The ability to share information such as exclusive deals, booking confirmations, and personalized messages in a manner that reaches 90% of recipients within 3 minutes is now indispensable for hotels aiming to outshine their competitors. 

Text messaging services in hotels are a proven way to enhance guest communication and streamline guest services effectively. By utilizing this communication channel, hotels can ensure clear and prompt interactions with their guests, improving guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. With consistent communication, issues can be swiftly addressed, preventing negative guest experiences and maintaining high customer ratings. The ability to convey crucial information such as exclusive deals, booking confirmations, and personalized messages with a delivery rate of 90% within 3 minutes is now paramount for hotels striving to outshine their competitors.

Improve Service Scores

GSS (Guest Satisfaction Survey) is one of the most critical and resource-focused areas of a hotel’s day to day operations. Improving GSS is a goal of nearly all hotels.

Text messaging services are revolutionizing the hospitality industry by offering hotels a powerful tool to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations. Hotels are leveraging SMS messaging to improve various aspects of their services, from overall guest satisfaction to cleanliness standards. Through the convenience of text messaging, hotel staff and guests can easily connect, allowing for seamless communication and swift issue resolution.

The main advantage of text messaging in hotels is the ability to receive feedback from guests throughout their stay, enabling hotels to address any concerns promptly and ensure a pleasant experience. This feedback loop plays a crucial role in boosting guest satisfaction and loyalty, as hotels can proactively rectify any issues before guests check out.

Offering exclusive deals to your guests directly is another way to get the most out of hotel texting services. By sending out exclusive offers via SMS, hotels can drive occupancy and rates simply and immediately. This targeted approach lets hotels directly engage with guests and offer them enticing promotions tailored to their preferences and needs.

Moreover, hotels can maximize the benefits of text messaging by offering exclusive deals and promotions directly to guests via SMS. This targeted approach drives occupancy and revenue and allows hotels to engage with guests on a more personal level, tailoring offers to their preferences and enhancing their overall experience.

Hotels must prioritize optimizing their websites for mobile devices for several crucial reasons. Recent statistics reveal a noteworthy shift in travel research conducted on smartphones, with more than 50% of travelers now initiating their journey planning from a mobile device. This data highlights the significance of catering to this platform, as it has become the primary choice for travelers to kickstart their travel arrangements.

An impressive 79% of individuals complete their booking process on a mobile phone rather than switching to a computer device. This substantial percentage further emphasizes the necessity for hotels to adapt their websites to be compatible with mobile devices. It strongly indicates that most travelers prefer to utilize their mobile phones throughout the booking process, reinforcing the importance of having a mobile-optimized website to cater to their preferences.



Booking Confirmations

Booking confirmations and reservation reminders through SMS services play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless guest experience at hotels. These timely messages serve as a proactive measure to prevent no-shows and address any potential reservation mistakes before check-in.

By leveraging the power of SMS, hotels can send booking confirmations to guests, providing them with peace of mind and reassurance that their reservation is secure. Moreover, these SMS reminders act as a helpful tool in correcting any errors or discrepancies in the booking details, ensuring that guests have a hassle-free check-in process.

By utilizing SMS services, hotels demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience. These reminders not only serve as a helpful reminder of the upcoming visit but also provide an opportunity to share important information. For example, hotels can include a link to a “Getting to the hotel” section, offering details on local transportation options, car parking facilities, as well as Uber and taxi services. For guests who prefer a more personalized experience, hotels can even showcase their own driver service, providing a convenient and reliable transportation option.


Retain Valued Guests

Hotel text messaging systems can play a crucial role in enhancing a hotel’s relationships with its guests. One effective way to achieve this is through customized pre-arrival welcome messages that are sent to valued guests prior to their check-in. This thoughtful gesture not only acknowledges their reservation but also conveys that they are not just another check-in to us. By sending personalized messages, we make our guests feel special and appreciated right from the start, fostering a strong sense of loyalty.

In addition to personalized welcome messages, our hotel leverages SMS messaging to offer exclusive deals directly to our guests. This approach allows us to maximize the benefits of our hotel texting services. By sending out exclusive offers via SMS, we provide a simple and immediate way to drive occupancy and rate. It doesn’t get any easier than this! Not only can we plan and schedule offer texts in advance, ensuring a seamless guest experience, but we can also send out last-minute offers with ease. With a few simple clicks, we can send out enticing offers to our preferred guest list, without the need to edit rates or involve third-party booking sites that eat into our profits. By directly passing on the savings to our guests, we create a win-win situation that keeps our guests happy and loyal to our hotel.


Exclusive Offers

Offering exclusive deals to your guests directly is another way to get the most out of hotel texting services. In addition to being a simple and immediate way to drive occupancy and rate, hotels can send exclusive offers via SMS. With the ability to plan and set up offer texts to go out months in advance, you also can send them at the last minute. Did a group or team cancel their reservation or block the rooms? Send out an offer to your preferred guest list, and viola! No need to edit rates or loop in third party booking sites which cut into profits, simply pass on the savings directly to your guests. By utilizing SMS messaging, hotels can efficiently target their preferred guests with exclusive offers, whether it be planned well in advance or response to sudden changes in room availability. This direct communication channel allows hotels to swiftly adjust their marketing strategies and pass on cost savings directly to guests, ultimately driving room bookings and maximizing occupancy rates.


Personal Touch

Hotels have found that text messages can be a valuable tool for providing exceptional service to guests. Not only do they assist with day-to-day operations, but they also offer a unique opportunity to connect with guests on a personal and effective level. One of the most promising strategies is providing tailored suggestions for local events, restaurants, bars, and experiences during a guest’s stay.

Imagine a busy business traveler arriving at your hotel, hungry and unsure of where to find a good meal. With hotel texting, you can go above and beyond by sharing a curated list of the “Best Restaurants In Walking Distance” right to their phone. By taking the time to understand their preferences and needs, you can ensure that their dining experience is nothing short of exceptional. Similarly, for a couple celebrating their anniversary, you can send detailed directions to a local winery, ensuring they have a memorable and romantic experience.

The key to success lies in personalized communication. By engaging in conversations with your guests upon arrival, you can gain valuable insights into their interests and preferences. This knowledge allows you to tailor your SMS messages accordingly, offering recommendations that truly resonate with each guest. This level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail is what sets your hotel apart and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.




In the ever-evolving landscape of post COVID-19 hospitality, hotels must adapt to meet the needs of discerning guests. Text messaging services have emerged as a vital tool for enhancing communication and service delivery within the hotel industry. By leveraging text messaging platforms, hotels can effectively engage with guests across various channels, ensuring seamless and personalized interactions.

To create an omnichannel guest experience, hotels are encouraged to embrace a diverse range of third-party messaging services, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, and Google’s Business Messages. Heymarket offers a comprehensive solution that enables hotels to consolidate guest messages from these popular channels into a unified inbox, streamlining communication processes and enhancing efficiency.

By adopting a multi-channel approach to text messaging, hotels can proactively address guest inquiries, provide timely updates on exclusive deals, deliver booking confirmations, and craft tailored messages that resonate with their audience. This commitment to omnichannel communication not only fosters stronger guest relationships but also positions hotels as industry leaders dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences that surpass guest expectations.

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