Simple and Effective SMS Strategies for Hotels to Improve Guest Satisfaction

Improve GSS and build stronger relationships with your guests using CCAI's text messaging services

How Can Texting Improve Customer Service?

For nearly all Americans, life today would be hard to imagine without the use of their smartphone. They are used for searching for answers to previously unanswerable questions, such as “What is the name of that actress in that one 90’s comedy?” In addition to being our personal ‘oracle’, smartphones are also used to purchase groceries, trade stocks, and last but certainly not least, communication.

Texting has become the primary form of communication in the daily lives of Americans. Data shows that 97% of Americans are texting at least once per day, and each day in the United States, over six billion text messages are sent.
With such staggering high numbers, one might think that many of these billions of daily texts are left unread. However, data suggests quite the opposite with 90% of text messages being read within 3 minutes of being received.

As the Hotel and hospitality industry evolves in the post-Covid world, utilizing text messaging services is a terrific way to communicate effectively with both guests and staff.


Improve Service Scores

GSS (Guest Satisfaction Survey) is one of the most critical and resource-focused areas of a hotel’s day to day operations. Improving GSS is a goal of nearly all hotels.

Text messaging (SMS) services are being used every day by hotels as a tool to improve scores in every area from overall service to cleanliness.

SMS messaging creates an easily accessible method of communication for hotel staff and guests to connect. Through this channel of correspondence hotel’s have the power to reach guests wherever they are, and receive feedback throughout their stay.

This feedback received during the stay is a key component to improving guest satisfaction, as it gives the hotel the power to correct any inconveniences or mistakes before checkout.

Without this open communication, guests typically only give feedback during the checkout process, where the only option left for corrections is monetary in the form of discounts or free nights.


Booking Confirmations

Text messaging services allow your hotel to create both automated as well as hand tailored booking confirmations for your guests. Booking confirmations and reservation reminders through SMS
services assist hotels in preventing no shows as well as correcting any reservation mistakes before check in.


Retain Valued Guests

Keeping valued guests at your hotel instead of your competitors is no easy task. For many recurring guests, a primary motive for them staying at the same hotel, is the relationships they build with the staff.

Hotel text messaging systems can strengthen a hotel’s relationships with guests in many ways. Customized pre-arrival welcome messages to valued guests prior to check in is a phenomenal way to let guests know you are aware of their reservation, and that they are not ‘just another check in’.


Exclusive Offers

Offering exclusive deals to your guests directly is another way to get the most out of hotel texting services. In addition to being a simple and immediate way to drive occupancy and rate, sending out exclusive offers with SMS messaging is as simple as it gets. With the ability to plan and set up offer texts to go out months in advance, you also have the ability to send them last minute. Had a group or team cancel their reservation or block of rooms? Simply send out an offer to your preferred guest list, and viola! No need to edit rates or loop in third party booking sites which cut into profits, simply pass on the savings directly to your guests.


Personal Touch

In addition to many ways in which text messages help hotels in their day to day operations, one of the strategies with the most potential is the ability to provide service to guests in a personal and effective manner.
One way of going above and beyond for your guests using hotel texting is sharing exciting local events and attractions. Whether it’s sharing your hotel’s own ‘Best Restaurants In Walking Distance’ list with a hungry business traveler, or sending directions to a local winery for a couple who is celebrating their anniversary; communicating with your guests in a personalized manner will elevate your service to the next level.



In this post COVID-19 world, hotels have to be able to evolve and grow in order to provide service which will keep guests coming back. Text messaging services in hotels are a proven way to improve the hotel’s ability to clearly communicate with its guests and provide the best service possible. With consistent communication, issues will be solved sooner, saving guests from bad stays and saving hotels from poor scores. The ability to pass on information such as exclusive deals, booking confirmations, as well as hand tailored messages in a fashion that reaches 90% of it’s recipients in 3 minutes, is now essential for hotel’s that truly want to stay ahead of the competition.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

CCAI’s SMS marketing strategies yield a 99% open rate. What have you got to lose?

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Cody Kelly

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