How SMS Marketing Can Be Used for Lead Generation

Every successful business should implement lead generation strategies to boost revenue and drive profitability. Although seventy-five percent of buyers expect businesses to text them with important updates like reminders and offers, only thirty percent do so. This is the biggest mistake companies make to generate leads. Generally, Most companies use emails or phone calls for this purpose. But SMS has the potential to elevate your lead generation to new heights! There are two types of SMS that you can send- Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS is a non-marketing text that gives important information to the buyers. These are automated texts to assist the leads in their exploration of the product. An SMS campaign needs to be set up just once and they are sent automatically to the new leads. Few examples are welcome messages, order confirmation, shipping information, reminders, and booking appointments.

As a result, using transactional SMS when generating leads can help ensure the success of your follow-up SMS strategy.

Promotional SMS is a marketing SMS. It carries information related to promotions, discounts, and offers. These messages are received only by those who have opted-in or subscribed to your list and the best way of user involvement. Scheduled SMS campaigns can be sent immediately, another reason why they are so effective. However, there are some rules and regulations which need to be followed before sending these SMS. These rules differ for both transactional and promotional SMS. You can’t send promotional SMS messages before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. local time. While transactional SMS can be sent anytime whenever you want, make sure that these messages aren’t for marketing.

Therefore, the compliance rules are a little more lenient for transactional texts as the messages sent to leads or buyers are conveying information. They are perfect to be embedded in the lead generation strategy. Using transactional SMS as a strategy for lead follow-up has a lot of advantages!

Using Transactional SMS With A Follow-Up Email

For follow-ups, companies normally send an email or call them via phone. But if you send a transactional SMS before that you will be able to remind them to check their inbox for a follow-up email with more information. Keep in mind that most of the companies are sending emails to their prospective customers, so there might be a chance that your follow-up email will be lost among them.

SMS has an opening rate that is three times higher than that of emails. This technique is also helpful in building a relationship with your customers or leads. Be sure to gather information like email and phone numbers while designing lead ads, so that after a lead shares their details a transactional SMS will be sent directly to them. 

How to write Transactional SMS

Describe Yourself

Reintroduce your lead magnet and special offer.

Inform them that they should check their email for additional information.


However, when the prospective buyers submit their information, You have to export them from Facebook or Google’s backend. This is an inefficient strategy because your produced leads will be ice cold by the time you get around to following up with them.

Fortunately, Cloud contact AI allows you to automate the entire process and send transactional SMS to your new leads automatically.


Give the option of Opt-in to the leads

SMS marketing Services only makes sense if your customers agree to it. SMS opt-out options are designed to limit the number of messages a recipient will receive from a particular sender. Presenting incentives for opting in is the best way to get a prospective customer to sign up for SMS. They’ll be aware of the benefits of the SMS subscription and that will help to strengthen your bond with them. So, how do you get people’s attention while they’re on their cellphones? SMS marketing can help you generate sales leads if done correctly. Email, phone calls, and other forms of marketing don’t influence people the same way text messages do. As a result, if you want your SMS strategy to be a success, you’ll have to make adjustments.

Here are some simple tips to assist you in developing a successful SMS lead generation campaign.

Let the message be seen: Put it on your home page. Most visitors to your site will likely arrive via smartphone. So, rather than filling out a form or calling you, they prefer texting. A basic “Text us to book a demo” CTA with a “Click to Text” button that sends a text message.

Promote your website’s landing page on social media. While doing so, leave the form and add a ‘click-to-text’ link. Add this tab to all the business cards, flyers, or banners.

CTA: The CTA you choose should excite and motivate the people you’re trying to reach, so be sure to include one in every text you send out! Great examples of call-to-actions are as follows:

“If you leave a review, you’ll be entered to win something!”

“Today is the last day to confirm your appointment!”

“Now is the time to take advantage of this offer!”

“Consider the copy, button, and page elements when building a call to action. Remember to keep it short and sweet!”

Respond quickly: Follow up with your subscribers after they send you an SMS, otherwise you might miss the chance to lead them into your sales funnel. Automatic responses may be programmed into the bulk SMS marketing software. Thank them for signing up by sending them an auto-reply that confirms their action and expresses your gratitude. Then, be sure to communicate with your clients regularly.

Give a personal touch: Personalize your SMS messages and engage with your clients directly with SMS marketing. Do the following to make your recipients feel like a one-of-a-kind contact:

-Send an SMS with their name included

-Bring up something that has happened recently (for instance, a shipping update, recent -purchase, or appointment reminder)

-Be specific to their location (for example, by mentioning local sports teams or the current weather conditions) when sending an SMS message.

Boost Value: Sending a message isn’t enough when it comes to SMS marketing. Your recipients must feel motivated to click through because they recognize the value in your messages. A few ideas to get your campaigns noticed by your target audience are: 

-Create offers and coupons that are specific to your SMS marketing list by targeting offers based on consumer actions and segments.

-Offer a range of incentives to keep your audience interested and to avoid monotony or staleness in your campaign.

Simple and communicative approach: SMS text message marketing is a basic form of communication because each message is limited to 160 characters and does not include any images. As a result, it’s preferable to make your communication straightforward. Make use of short, memorable keywords. The writing style on smartphones is much more informal and condensed than on other mediums. Instead of saying “save money,” say “save $$$,” “txt,” etc. to seem more conversational and humorous. You can also include GIFs or emoticons, questions for prizes and discounts, a fast joke that’s easy to remember, and so forth.

Right Timing: Even though customers always have their phones with them, they don’t want to receive SMS messages all the time, especially when they’re sleeping, eating, or celebrating a special occasion. Carry out experiments to establish your leading regions and clients by employing data like click-through rate and open rate. Make use of your client and market data to personalize message distribution and ensure that customers receive offers at the most appropriate time.



It’s amazing how well SMS has held up in the face of fancy app development and cutting-edge functionality. Furthermore, it’s been rising for the past few years now. This technology is now being used by companies to target millennials, attract and capture mobile viewers, increase lead conversion, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Using SMS to create leads has never been easier. Create bespoke solutions and streamline processes by utilizing this SMS API provider.


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