Hiring Through SMS; Cheaper than Indeed?

People don't lose sleep over unread or unanswered emails. Your email inbox is probably full of unread messages as you're reading this. Your texts, however, are likely all read and responded to (if necessary). Considering that texts are rarely ignored, it’s a mystery that more businesses aren’t using SMS to recruit new team members. Regardless, let’s dive into why you should consider it for your business.

SMS Hiring Benefits:

  • SMS hiring is more economical than going through a third party
  • You’re able to see if the message was delivered.
  • The person receiving the message can reply instantly or at their convenience.
  • No need to pay for LinkedIn or Indeed
  • The chances of your message being seen and opened are much higher than with email.
  • No suspicions are created in the workplace if they reply to a text on their phone; being on LinkedIn or leaving the office to answer a call creates alarm bells.
  • With SMS, it is very easy to copy and paste conversations.
  • When candidates are interested, in full compliance with the GDPR, you can ask for permission to stay in touch, using group SMS.
  • Lowering the expense and hassle of candidate phone calls
  • Providing a simple way for job seekers to respond to messages
  • Improving response times and efficiency
  • Fast and Dependable Communication
  • send and receive text messages to improve communication
  • Allowing employees to focus on other tasks

SMS recruiting may appear to be unconventional, but it is paving the way for future hiring practices. You’ve got options when it comes to SMS, like adopting a chatbot that makes a first evaluation of candidates via text. We recommend this approach since it is so effective.

Usually, after finding an interesting profile, you send an email. Then the waiting game begins. I don’t know about you, but I find it stressful to sit around and wait when time is pressing to fill the position on your team. Phone calls are also not very effective since many people do not answer the phone when they see an unknown number, or they do not answer because they are simply too busy. 

Companies interested in this make an SMS number available to the unemployed through which they can access the employment service. The company that has the offer receives the digital resumes of the candidates. All this is done through the certified SMS, the Certified MMS and the SMS Contract.

Once registered on the platform the curriculum is accessible to companies in the town that seek to hire employees. If the company is interested in a candidate, they will receive a certified SMS indicating their interest in hiring. The necessary aptitude and psychogenic tests can be sent to the candidate to take them from his own home or set up an appointment for a personal interview.

Once the entire process is finished, the company can hire the employee through an SMS contract that specifies the conditions of the job. The cost of this service for the unemployed is nominal when authorizing the sending of information by SMS.

Many people do not operate computers, so trying to hire someone using Internet job portals in certain sectors is practically useless. However, almost everyone today is capable of handling a mobile, so this service covers a market niche when it comes to hiring personnel quickly through this medium.

Increasing Recruitment Response Rates

Rather than calling around, you could text all of your registered job seekers the necessary job details through bulk SMS within minutes of a position being available, saving time and money. Job seekers who receive this text message can respond immediately by text, accepting or declining your job offer; it’s a low-cost alternative for them to respond to your request, and it’s proven to be more successful and raise response rates.

The most difficult task for any job agency is ensuring that openings are filled on schedule. This scenario is especially significant for temporary employees, where speed is critical. Organizations in need of emergency cover or searching for additional staff due to seasonal or event changes. For instance, you might get a last-minute booking for 30 waiters and waitresses for an event the following week. Normally, this would mean making 30 or more different phone calls in order to fill each post, but not if SMS is utilized. 

Using recruitment software to automate SMS

This entire procedure might be sent by your agency software, or automated by adding SMS automation into the platform. As soon as a vacancy is entered into the system, the automation program can build and send an SMS notification to all suitable candidates. Any responses will be entered into the system right away.

SMS is an extremely efficient, precise, and straightforward method of communication. Other than email and phone conversations, it’s how we communicate. Every week, our active temps receive two text messages from our recruitment software. They are distributed in large batches, branch by branch. For example, there are 600 employees on the job , and each will receive a text message asking how their week has gone. I hope everything is fine with you. We’ll schedule you for next week. Each response we receive from them is immediately forwarded to the branch and entered into the system.”

Text messages issued by employment agencies are common.

Once a candidate has expressed interest in a position, you can send them an SMS to keep them informed. This not only saves money on phone calls, but it is more efficient by ensuring that they read the content. Messages may contain the following:

  • Using screening questions to qualify candidates – “do you have experience in…?”
  • Notifications of interview confirmation
  • Directions and information about the place
  • Dates and timing of interviews are being reminded.
  • Inquiries concerning the interview’s outcome
  • Dates for interview rescheduling
  • Information on career fairs

The same procedure can be used to communicate with temp workers on a daily basis, such as sending reminders to return records and informing them when their pay is due. SMS can also be used to keep your client database up to date, such as sending texts asking if they are still looking for a job.

SMS could be used to maintain in touch with mobile agency workers or IT support teams in addition to talking with applicants, such as sending reminders to call a specific candidate or giving server crash notifications, among other things.

    Inform candidates and job seekers with SMS notifications

    Thanks to SMS notifications you can quickly contact a job seeker directly on their mobile phone. Whether it’s a job offer, an invitation to a job interview or a request for supporting documents, SMS notifications will help you get information to your candidates seamlessly. Ask for the mobile number of those who register with your recruiting agency so that you can communicate with candidates by sending SMS notifications.

    -Send a single message to multiple candidates thanks to mass SMS

    To send a job offer to all potentially interested candidates, a massive SMS sending is the ideal solution. Enter information in the content of your message, create a template and send a bulk SMS to all the contacts you have selected from your database.

    -Send an appointment reminder via SMS to candidates

    Assist candidates by sending them an appointment reminder SMS to prevent them from forgetting. Schedule reminders with your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar to automate the SMS reminder process and save time on candidate tracking.

    -Send personalized SMS to candidates from your agency

    Add rich content to your professional SMS by inserting a short URL in the body of the message. This is a great way to send a link to a summary PDF of an application or to share a job posting on your website or company website. You can also track recipient clicks to see which candidates are interested.


    Six Innovative Ways Businesses Use Text Recruiting Software:

    • Remote hiring and onboarding of critical care workers can be boosted up with text recruiting.

    When patients require medical attention, every effort should be made to reduce the time it takes to provide that treatment, including all areas of the recruiting and hiring process. Centria was able to shorten the virtual interview process and receive completed onboarding paperwork more rapidly because of text recruiting software. This also enabled them to move a large number of candidates through the hiring and onboarding process in a short amount of time.

    • During stay-at-home orders, restaurants employ text messaging to keep track of its employees’ well-being.

    Many restaurants use texting service for business to check on their employees, make sure they are taking appropriate measures to stay safe, and discuss other important updates during the stay-at-home orders.

    • Text recruiting is used by a healthcare staffing service to construct nursing candidate pipelines faster

    A prominent healthcare staffing firm in the United States has deployed Mya, a conversational AI platform, to build a candidate pipeline for ICU nurses.

    The agency’s recruiters entered a list of candidates into the system using a function called Mya Outreach. Mya began connecting with these prospects by SMS after that. The AI determined whether or not someone was interested in the role, as well as their availability and eligibility. The qualified prospects were then scheduled for interviews directly in the calendars of the recruiters.

    The end outcome was outstanding. Using this strategy, the firm was able to fill 100 ICU nurse posts in New York in less than three weeks.

    • To accommodate an increase in pizza delivery during lockdown, a Pizza company employs text recruiting to cut their time to hire by 80 percent.

    Rather than referring applicants to a careers website to apply for positions, they now direct them to an automated recruiter, where they can complete a quick and simple application procedure from their mobile phone. It has experienced a 66 percent increase in application flow, as well as an 80 percent reduction in time to recruit.

    • Sodexo utilizes SMS recruiting to help idle employees get back on track.

    Sodexo issued regular texts (1 per week) to keep idle employees informed and up to date. They also informed them about temporary job opportunities from partner businesses, which they could take advantage of in the near future.

      • This strategy demonstrated to Sodexo employees that they were valued and that the firm wanted them back to work as quickly as possible during a period of uncertainty.
    • Southeastern Grocers employs text recruiting to keep its key employees informed about emergency readiness.
      • The nature of these text messages during COVID-19 offered critical information to help their crucial personnel prepare for the emergency and learn significant information about their health benefits. Southeastern Grocers was able to secure its employee base and demonstrate that they cared about their well-being during this difficult period in this way. 



    We hope that hearing about these use cases will help you develop and refine your team’s approach to hiring and engaging with employees! Many of these use cases, we believe, should be kept in an employer’s toolkit and used on a regular basis to improve the applicant and employee experience, minimize time to hire, and nurture leads more efficiently. SMS is an effective tool for hiring. Use it to your advantage today. 

    Jacob Murphy

    Jacob Murphy

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