Alternatives to Cold Texting

The prospect of cold texting leads and clients in the hopes of soliciting business is alluring when you consider that text messages have an open rate of 98%. Cold texting, on the other hand, is prohibited. There are some steps you have to go through before you can begin texting leads.

What is Cold Texting?


Similar to cold calling, cold texting entails reaching out to someone with whom you have no previous relationship.
If you buy a contact list or obtain a prospect’s phone number online, any text messages you send them regarding business endeavors is considered cold texting and this is prohibited. 

Currently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates firms in the United States to obtain authorization from prospects before texting them. 

Texting is a more intimate form of communication than email (and has much higher open-rates), which is widely used by businesses as a means of communication.
The reasons behind cold texting being illegal are irrelevant. The fact is that if you do it, you can face serious legal ramification and get your business blacklisted. We don’t want that for you. So, what can you do instead?

5 Alternatives to Cold Texting


  • Keyword Opt In

If you get a potential customer to opt in and agree to receive your texts, you guarantee that you aren’t breaking any clear rules. A keyword is a relevant word that, when sent to a business’s phone number, automatically enrolls the recipient in receiving future messages. Depending on the reasons why your consumers might text you, you might build different keywords for them.

Consider the following scenario: you’re an accountant. You establish a term, such as “TAXTEXTS,” and when potential clients text that keyword into your phone, they are automatically added to your contact list. You can provide the essential information via text message to assist them in their development.

  • Add a Click-to-Text Button to Your Website to Improve User Experience

When a click-to-text button is clicked, it automatically launches your prospect’s native messaging program on their device. After clicking on the Click-to-Text button on the page, the SMS app on the visitor’s cell phone will start with a pre-written message and a pre-filled phone number.

You have the option of responding to their message, following up on the lead, and beginning the process of converting the prospect into a customer.

  • Make Your Phone Number Available

Although it may seem simple, do prospective consumers know how to contact you? Have you made it simple for people to text you, or do they have to search through the depths of your website to find a phone number?

Make sure your phone number is easily visible and accessible on your website, social media platforms, and any other marketing materials you employ. Don’t make it difficult for people to find your phone number on everything from brochures to email advertising.

  • Integrate your new marketing tools with your existing marketing tools

If you already have a way of gathering prospect information, there is a good probability that your product can be connected with Cloud Contact AI.

Canadian Fertility Consulting was one of the customers for whom we performed this service (CFC). In order to obtain lead information, it relied on Salesforce, but it required a simple procedure for following up with prospective clients based on the information they had provided on Salesforce.

According to the needs of the customer, we created an integration that filters new contacts in Salesforce and places them into different journeys within CloudContactAI. based on their needs. In their success story, you can learn more about how CFC has achieved seamless integration between both technologies.

If you’re already utilizing another application or piece of software, have a look at the integrations available on our website.

  • Offer an SMS Signup on your Site

Just because you already have a customer’s phone number doesn’t make it legal for you to market to them via SMS. A great way to get a customer’s permission to send them text messages is to offer an SMS sign up at checkout or when they create an account with you. As long as when they give you their phone number, they are agreeing to sign up for promotional information, etc. then you are in the clear. When a customer receives a wanted text message from a business, it establishes a good rapport. Just be sure that there is an easy way for them to opt out of receiving your text messages such as a “Reply STOP” feature. 


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Additional SMS Marketing Tips

• Use an SMS Marketing Service

Don’t use your personal phone to text customers.  Automate SMS marketing with a quality SMS service like Cloud Contact AI. This allows you to automatically follow up with contacts, schedule delivery times, and send texts based on user actions. For example, you can notify a customer of delivery updates after they buy something.

• Quality >Quantity

When users opt-in to receive text messages from you, they don’t want to be bombarded with useless information. One of the simplest methods to make your text messages valuable is to offer a unique promotion or coupon only to your SMS marketing list. Customers will feel like VIPs with special offers. 

• Make it Personal

Customers respond better to messages that are directed at them. Personalization tokens are essential in SMS marketing. Consider greeting each recipient by name, providing offers/information based on their region, mentioning recent purchases, cart abandonment reminders, delivery updates, and more. 

• Keep it Brief

The Quality>Quantity principle applies to the length of your messages as well. So keep your texts short and sweet. Begin with a hook to get the recipient interested. A statement like “SPECIAL OFFER” at the start of your message will stimulate consumers’ curiosity, keep them reading, and motivate them to act.


Text messaging may be a valuable tool for your business, allowing you to convey essential messages directly to the hands of your clients. Text messaging is becoming increasingly popular. So take advantage of the situation. Remember to keep these suggestions in mind, and you’ll be an expert in SMS marketing in no time. 

By utilizing a professional SMS marketing service like Cloud Contact AI, you can guarantee that any SMS marketing campaign sent out by your business will be compliant and effective. Speak with one of our professionals today to learn more!

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