CloudContactAI’s Latest Features

What Sets Us Apart: CloudContactAI’s Latest Features

The world we live in is characterized by rapid technological advancement and ever-changing customer preferences. Stagnation can spell disaster for any business. An SMS platform is no exception. Regular updates aren't merely about showcasing the latest trends; they're about ensuring that the tools businesses depend on are finely tuned to address new challenges and opportunities.

The Power of Consistent Feature Updates in SMS Platforms

In the fast-paced world of communication technology, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. As businesses navigate the intricate landscape of customer engagement, the tools they rely on must constantly evolve to meet the dynamic demands of modern consumers. This is where CloudContactAI shines, demonstrating the significance of regular feature updates and innovation for an SMS platform’s continued success.

SMS Platform Updates Matter

1. Addressing Emerging Needs:

Customer behaviors and preferences are in a perpetual state of flux. What captivated their attention yesterday might not resonate today. Regular updates enable SMS platforms to incorporate the latest communication trends, ensuring that businesses can connect with customers using the most effective channels and approaches.

2. Staying Ahead of Competitors:

In a competitive market, innovation is a key differentiator. An SMS platform that consistently adds new features and improvements gains a competitive edge. It not only meets customer expectations but also anticipates their needs, setting the stage for deeper engagement and loyalty.

3. Enhancing User Experience:

User experience is paramount in the world of SMS marketing. An intuitive, efficient, and feature-rich platform enhances the user journey for both businesses and customers. Regular updates enable platforms to iron out kinks, streamline processes, and provide users with a seamless experience.

Bulk Texting for Business

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

CloudContactAI understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it, especially when catering to the diverse needs of our Enterprise+ clients.  CloudContactAI sets a prime example of how consistent updates can align with the unique requirements of its Enterprise+ clients.

Our Latest Features


1. Enhanced Sent Tab Display:
A subtle yet impactful change comes in the form of a revamped ‘sent’ tab. The tab now displays messages sent, providing users with a clearer insight into their communication history.

2. Improved Campaign Analysis:
For campaigns experiencing errors, this release introduces a significant enhancement. Twilio error codes are now integrated into campaign results, offering a more comprehensive analysis of campaign performance.

3. Streamlined Email Subject Length:
A noteworthy adjustment has been made to email subjects. The release ensures that email subjects can no longer be extended beyond a single line, promoting better formatting and communication clarity.

4. Efficient File Functionality:
The addition of file functionality to short links empowers users to manage and share files seamlessly within the CloudContactAI platform.

5. Refined Dashboard and User Interface:
CloudContactAI addresses several dashboard issues, refining the user experience for clients. Additionally, white-label clients now enjoy a distinctive identity on the admin view.

6. Enhanced Invite System:
The invite system is now back in action, efficiently connecting users and enabling smoother collaboration.

7. Smoother Payment Management:
In a bid to provide users with a streamlined experience, CloudContactAI has removed the ‘update payment’ blurb. Users are now greeted with a convenient popup upon login.

8. Simplified Contact Organization:
To reduce clutter on the contacts page, subscribed and unsubscribed contacts now have dedicated tabs, ensuring a cleaner interface.

9. Voice Campaign Revolution:
This release marks a significant step forward with the introduction of a user interface for Voice Campaigns. Users can now manage voice campaigns seamlessly within the CloudContactAI platform.

10. Advanced HubSpot Integration:
HubSpot integration gains momentum with activity logging and campaign management oversight, reinforcing the platform’s prowess in comprehensive customer relationship management.

11. Swift Access for Admins:
Login woes from the admin screen have been resolved, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free login experience.

12. Unraveling Activity Tracking:
Activity tracking takes center stage in the Admin view, providing users with deeper insights into engagement and interactions.

13. Sendgrid Integration:
Signup emails listed on Sendgrid enhance communication capabilities, enabling users to manage email outreach more effectively.

14. Unburdened Login Screen:
Google and Amazon logins have been gracefully removed from the white label version of the website login screen, streamlining the login process.

15. Robust Contact List Upload:
Handling large contact lists becomes a breeze as the platform now ensures that even extensive lists are uploaded without a hitch.

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Jacob Murphy

Jacob Murphy

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