Top 5 SMS Integration Tools

Keeping in touch with the customer base through SMS messaging is one of the best marketing methods presently within the current market. That said, this is a monumental task to accomplish and is highly unfeasible to have just one person or a team to manage outgoing and incoming SMS for a company. Which is why there is a market for SMS integration tools to better reach out to people and connect them to the business.

CloudContactAI’s Services

Here at CloudContactAI (CCAI), our primary objective is to reinforce and streamline the company-to-customer communication pipeline.  It is incredibly easy to import contact lists, send event-based SMS campaigns, and organize contacts into specific categories.  Additionally, workflows are incredibly easy to set up and can work to better improve customer interest.  As for maximizing CCAI functionality, we allow integration with other popular SMS services without hassle.  ActiveCampaign further automates CCAI’s workflow with active tracking of the inbox.  Shopify works well with CCAI and other existing tools to maximize ROI.  If there are other tools and applications that need to be integrated, HubSpot and Zapier easily let users link their apps with us.  Whatever problems you have, we can help you to overcome. 

Google Sheets

Google’s solution is their Google Sheets web application that comes compatible with all their other tools such as Docs.  The main focus with Sheets is the better organization of data and rows upon rows of contact information.  Using the tools on offer, it’s incredibly easy to build up a contact list with specific criteria in mind, use that criterion to send and organize messages, and keep track of both inbound and outbound messages.  Additionally, it’s easy to record messages that have experienced an error or users that have unsubscribed from the call list.  Sheets is the answer for those who want some visibility to their contacts list and need the statistics to be easily accessible.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has set the standard for office tools and that’s no exception with Outlook.  Outlook works well in conjunction with email and calendar functionality, letting users coordinate with event dates or update the calendar.  Contacts are in turn apprised of upcoming events or changes made to the calendar, letting users better coordinate events with each other.  In addition, other commonly used applications within Microsoft’s catalog such as Office are better optimized to work with Outlook, which in turn comes in handy for better conveying event details.  Generally speaking, users who are more interested in more event-oriented SMS services should consider using Outlook within their workflows.


A favorite for various ecommerce and retail companies, Shopify aims to better the shopping experience for both customers and users.  It uses SMS to its fullest capacity to better keep customers reliably informed.  Shopify helps to cover all potential needs during the shopping process from sending receipts to shipping info and abandoned cart notifications.  If the user wants to utilize tools other than Shopify, it’s incredibly easy to import existing contact lists and integrate with other SMS tools.  Overall, if commerce is the users’ main focus, using Shopify can go a long way in building and maintaining brand recognition.


BambooHR’s toolset is much more internally focused than the other SMS services currently outlined here.  Designed to improve users’ HR capabilities, this tool gathers and organizes employee data in a manner that’s easy to read.  While this may sound like an incredibly shady violation of employee privacy, the main objective is to point out places where company culture and team unity can be improved.  Trigger texts are mainly launched based on changes made to new employees or recently updated employees.  Data kept on individuals is also very easy to update and can be shared with coworkers to ensure that employees are fully apprised of recent changes in the workplace.  This ensures that information within a company remains consistent and benefits how teamwork flows.

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