SMS Marketing for Businesses: Attentive vs Textedly

This article will take a look at two of the major sms marketing service providers, Attentive and Textedly. It will cover their features as well as lay out their strengths and weaknesses.

Attentive vs Textedly

This post will take a close look at two premium SMS marketing providers, and analyze their characteristic features to give insight into each services strengths and weaknesses.

SMS Marketing also known as text marketing or text blasting is a form of marketing that utilizes text messages to promote products or services to a targeted audience. This can be done through the use of SMS campaigns aka text blasts which are a large volume of text messages sent to a list of contacts at once, or through personalized SMS messages that are sent to individual customers. In the realm of premium text messaging services, two key service providers are Attentive and Textedly.

With the aid of SMS marketing solutions, companies can text message current and potential clients. With the help of this service, businesses may engage with their audience more successfully and effectively by sending targeted, individualized messages to them.



Attentive is an industry leader in SMS marketing, with over 5,000 customers and growing, Attentive is a well trusted SMS solution. It is a web only based platform, meaning you won’t be able to access it on your cell phone with an app unfortunately. 

One of Attentive’s standout features is the company’s AI-powered messaging technology. It’s this AI fueled messaging that allows businesses to personalize their SMS campaigns based on preferences and keyword responses. This helps businesses to deliver more relevant and timely messages, without the need for additional staff, which in turn can improve customer engagement and retention.

Another strength of Attentive is its wide range of integrations with popular marketing and sales platforms. Attentive has integrations with Salesforce, Shopify, Marketo, Hubspot, and more, making it easy for businesses to integrate existing technology stack. 

Attentive also features comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to provide businesses important data. The reports include metrics of open rates, conversation rates, click-through rates, and more. If these reports aren’t valuable enough already, Attentive has also given its customers the ability to fine tune these reports and tools, giving companies a way to find opportunities for improvement as well as where they are finding the greatest success. 

In summary, Attentive provides businesses with a robust SMS marketing platform granting the ability to use AI to connect with their customers, with a long list of integrations ensuring an easy transition.


  • AI-powered Technology
  • Dedicated Onboarding
  • Free Trial
  • Large Integrations Library
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Comprehensive Analytics Tools


  • Higher Price
  • Can’t turn off 2 way messaging

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Textedly is a monthly subscription SMS marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Textedly is web based as well as ios and android, giving its users a wide variety of ways to use their platform. 

One of textedly’s key features is their user-friendly platform. Textedly’s ease of use allows first time users to quickly grasp the SMS marketing service and begin sending sms campaigns almost immediately. This is a terrific feature that gives companies a fast lane to reaching their audience, while also maintaining a business professional appearance. 

The ability for two-way conversations between a company and their audience with a text campaign 

Textedly also features contact list segmentation, allowing for tailored deliverability, ensuring the right message is sent to the appropriate audience. There are countless ways in which companies can utilize segmentation to their advantage, whether it’s to send out a last minute sale offer to VIP’s or to thank customers who have recently made a purchase. This degree of targeting can assist companies in successfully connecting with their target market and enhancing the results of their marketing initiatives.

One standout feature of Textedly, is the platform’s ability to send texts of up to 300 characters, nearly double the industry standard 160 character text messages. Besides the ability to send longer text messages, Textedly also allows its users to send MMS campaign messages.

Customer service is something that many businesses have come to be a deciding factor in their search for services they use to run their companies. Textedly has a quality customer service department which is available via live chat, email, as well as a phone. In addition to their customer service department, they also host a library of support resources for their customers, ranging from informational blog posts to how-to-guides.

Overall, Textedly is a robust SMS marketing service with a user friendly platform with a wide variety of useful features. Textedly’s Text Marketing service is a great tool to add to your business’s toolkit. Businesses of all sizes would benefit from using Textedly to increase their marketing effectiveness. 


        • User-Friendly Platform
        • Contact Segmentation
        • Automated Responses
        • MMS Capability
        • Customer Service
        • Two Way Messaging


  • Web Only Platform 
  • Limited Analytics

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