Text Messages for Delivery Services

Customers who use delivery services all have one thing in common. They like to receive their notifications via text. Let's check out why.



People today use Delivery services more than ever before, and it’s no wonder why. We live in a consumer-based economy and convenience is king. You’re able to get pretty much anything you want delivered via Amazon Prime at a competitive price with free shipping. In addition to that, there are countless food delivery services like Door Dash available in most places in the United States. You can order a car via Uber or Lyft. What do all of these services have in common?

You use your phone to place your order. 


Phone use in the United States is more rampant now than ever. In fact, some studies show that Americans spend 5.4 hours per day on their phone. That’s a lot of time! It only makes sense that we use them for getting whatever products we want delivered. The key here is convenience. People are willing to pay more if something is convenient and easy to use. This brings me to my next point. 


Customers want to be texted. No one wants to get a phone call from a random number they’re going to ignore. They don’t want an email that’s going to get buried in the 3,000 other unopened emails. Opening an app that you probably have the notifications turned off on to open a chat feature is also inconvenient. The most convenient way to communicate with customers is via text message. 


Utilizing a quality text messaging service makes life easier for businesses of all sizes across all industries. Communication is key in the business of delivery services.


Here are some reasons why texting is so effective


It’s Fast


SMS marketing is more practical than traditional marketing strategies because it allows you to instantly reach a large number of individuals. As a result, text messaging is an effective marketing tactic that enables you to quickly reach your target demographic. Additionally, the majority of individuals keep their phones close by, making it simple and quick to contact them.


According to statistics, more than 90% of text messages are opened within the first three minutes. Additionally, an impressive 45 percent of SMS marketing delivers a profitable return on investment.


The majority of clients favor direct SMS receiving as their preferred communication channel.


Many advertisements are overlooked since most people aren’t interested in what they have to say. Think about how often you’ve seen a marketer on Instagram urging you to “Buy Now.” Most likely, you’ll keep scrolling.


Since digital advertisements are unwelcome, their success rate is frequently low. While working out at the gym or commuting to the store, they didn’t ask to see your advertisement.


With SMS, customers opt in to your service, so you are certain to reach people who are interested in what you have to offer, even though this approach offers the advantage of allowing the recipient to decide whether or not they wish to receive the message. This understanding contributes to the explanation of why organizations can achieve incredibly high levels of customer engagement and conversion rates.




The most widely used communication tool in the world is the cell phone. According to recently released GSMA Intelligence data, there are currently 5.27 billion distinct mobile phone subscribers globally. In addition, there were 117 million more individual mobile users globally in the past year alone.


Mobile users are increasing, with the number of unique users growing at a pace of 2.3% annually. Additionally, a significant increase in feature phone to smartphone conversions occurred last year.


According to Ericsson, 4 out of every 5 mobile devices in use today are smartphones, which are owned by 6.4 billion individuals globally. Additionally, every day, new cellphones are added to the world’s population, and the number of smartphones is growing at a rate of 5.6 percent annually.


They’re Personal


Text messages are very personal because they are sent straight to your customer’s mobile phone as opposed to email, which travels through a centralized place. Additionally, SMS messages reach the client’s hands immediately due to the widespread use of mobile phones.


Your target audience will pay attention if you put a lot of effort into personalizing your material. For instance, consumer information such as their initial name, role, or firm can be used to create a customized campaign.




Due to its low cost, SMS marketing is especially advantageous for small enterprises. Sending an SMS message is substantially less expensive than putting a full advertisement in front of potential customers.


SMS service providers, like Cloud Contact AI, enable consumers all over the world to send messages for a few cents each. With the highest return on investment when compared to other advertising channels, this is one of the most affordable marketing strategies.


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Types of Messages for Delivery Services


Order Confirmation

A simple text message letting customers know you’ve received their order establishes communication. 

Shipping Updates

Online shopping has opened up an increased anxiety among consumers regarding their package’s whereabouts. By sending shipping updates, you alleviate some of this. 

Delivery ETA

If your customer has requested that a package must be signed for, giving them an exact time that they can expect it to arrive is helpful to them. 

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