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Text Message Templates For Debt Collection

Sending payment reminders has never been easier. Cloud Contact AI's easy-to-use text messaging platform helps you reach out to debtors and get paid faster. Let's take a look at some text message templates you can use today!

How can a text message help debt collectors?

The pursuit of getting customers to pay their bills on time is a difficult one. Attempting to collect a debt from those who have been negligent of their payments for an extended period of time is much more time intensive. Reaching these customers can be difficult, if not impossible at times. In the daily lives of Americans, texting has supplanted other forms of communication. More than six billion text messages are sent daily in the US, with 97% of people texting at least once each day.
One may assume that a large portion of these daily billions of texts go unread given such staggeringly high numbers. However, 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, according to research.

CCAI is aware of the complex nature of debt collection and the careful planning which goes into setting up outbound SMS and email campaigns. From first contact through their payment journey, in hopes to reach an agreement before legal action is necessary. Text messaging helps debt collectors by allowing them to reach thousands of customers with ease which alleviates labor hours and frees up valuable time

Automated Responses

Automated responses are one way in which text messaging can help streamline your company’s efforts in chasing payments.

    Here is an example of an automated response for a question about a settlement in full (SIF) question:

    “Am I eligible for a settlement? I would like to pay off my remaining balance if a settlement is available.”

    “Hello, for settlement in full inquiries, please call our 24 hour help line at [phone number], or you can request for a direct call back by replying to this message with “call back”.

    “Call back”

    “You have requested for a call back. We will be reaching out to you shortly with a phone call to this number. Thank you [company name].”


    In addition to automated responses, another effective way to reach customers is with text templates. Text templates coupled with text messaging platforms allow you to reach thousands with a few clicks of a button. You can strategically target specific clients or groups with CCAI’s ready-to-use templates, or quickly and easily make your own. 

    Debt Collection Text Messaging Templates

    Unsuccessful Payment

    “Mr./Mrs. [last name], your recent payment has failed. Please try again by calling [phone number] to ensure payment is received.

    Thank you, [company name].”

    Auto Payment Successful

    “Mr./Mrs. [last name], your monthly scheduled auto payment was successful! [$sum] has been charged to the card on file. Your remaining balance is [$sum]. 

    Thank you [company name].”

    Soft Past Due Alert

    “Mr./Mrs. [last name], this is a friendly reminder that your scheduled payment is now past due. In order to prevent additional fees, you will need to post payment immediately. Please call [phone number] to make arrangements for payment immediately.

    Thank you, [company name].”

    Successful Payment

    “Mr./Mrs. [last name], thank you for your payment of [$sum]. Your remaining balance on the account is [$sum]. If you did not schedule this payment or something appears incorrect, please call us immediately at [phone number].

    Thank you, [company name].”

    Payment Reminder

    “Mr./Mrs. [last name], this is a reminder of your scheduled payment on [date] in the amount of [$sum]. If you need to adjust your payment please call [phone number].

    Thank you, [company name].”

     Hard Past Due Alert

    “Mr./Mrs. [last name], we have made several attempts to contact you in regards to your payment  which is now [# of days] past due. To avoid further fees or legal action, please contact us at [phone number] immediately.

    Thank you, [company name].”

    Start collecting debt with SMS now

    We make it fast, easy, and affordable to send compliant SMS, Email, and Voice campaigns.

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