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10 Ways to Promote your SMS Keyword

Advertise your SMS keywords so that your customers know exactly how to get involved in your SMS campaigns. in this article, discover our 10 ways.

SMS is an excellent communication channel for companies of all sizes; it is a marketing niche that is untapped by most but yields unforeseen benefits. Many people aren’t aware of the impact and effectiveness of SMS on their outbound customer engagement.

To fully comprehend the significance of SMS marketing, it’s crucial to look at the sheer number of people that use mobile phones every day. According to statistics, there are over 5 billion unique phone numbers. Furthermore, there are over 7.5 billion people in the world. Of course, you should note that people can have more than one phone number, but still, that’s a lot of phone numbers!

Most notably, on average, text messages have a 96% open rate, and most of those messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being sent.

Many businesses swear by SMS and have been using it for years; however, text message marketing remains untapped in many industries.Throughout this article, you will uncover the various ways to use and advertise your SMS keyword to build a strong community.

Grow your customer base with these 10 tips

A large community is a vast advantage to succeed in online marketing and outpace your competitors. Therefore, making the opt-in process as simple as possible for your users is a must.

Furthermore, make your keyword short, and easy to read, but also give enough information about your product or service.

With SMS keywords, your customers can easily subscribe to your SMS marketing campaigns – making list building a more straightforward process than anticipated.

Here’s how it works:

Aligning an SMS keyword with your campaign’s theme is crucial for effectively reaching your target audience. To ensure a seamless alignment, consider the purpose and content of your campaign. Will it focus on promoting special offers, sharing mobile coupons, or updating customers about upcoming events?

The keyword you choose should not only be relevant to the type of content you’ll be sending out but also immediately convey the value that customers can expect to receive by opting in. It should capture the essence of your campaign’s theme and resonate with your audience.

For example, if you are running a food delivery promotion, contemplate using keywords like ‘TASTYFOOD’ or ‘YUMMYDELIVERY’. These keywords clearly communicate what customers can expect by signing up, emphasizing the delightful experience of enjoying delicious meals conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

Ultimately, by aligning the SMS keyword with your campaign’s theme effectively, you create a cohesive and impactful messaging experience that resonates with your audience and maximizes engagement.

1. Website

Add your keyword to your website’s homepage or frequently visited landing pages. Ensure your products and contact details are simple, easy, and straightforward, and, if possible, add customer reviews to prove others positive experience with your SMS marketing.

In addition, try to make your keyword mobile-friendly since most people surf the web on their mobile devices now.

Take this example from our website. We made it straightforward, so people know precisely what kind of messages they will receive.

promote sms keyword website example

2. Email

Emails are a great way to advertise your keyword. Plop in your keyword pitch on an email newsletter, or include your keyword in every email by adding a little strip that lives in every email.

Email Promote SMS Keyword

You might also consider adding your keyword to your email signature.

Cloud Contact AI supports SMS and email on the same platform. Therefore, there is no need to keep your contacts separate; you can update existing contacts with the correct phone number.

3. Storefront

The best place to promote your keyword is at your physical storefront – if you have one. Your storefront is likely where your most loyal and interested customers go to shop.

Here are a few ways to advertise your keyword at your store:
• Vinyl wrap your window
• Front desk banner
• Equipment

By using visuals that correspond with your brand tone, you can make your keyword pop. Include some additional information in your keyword that will entice customers to know, such as – Text “Coffee” to 76556 to learn more about your coffee specials.

4. Business Cards

Business cards are another intuitive way to get your keyword out to the world. The more places your customers see your keyword, the more likely they will eventually opt-in.

On the other hand, if you have a client’s number before you’ve given them your business card, you can easily text them your business card with SMS.

5. Receipts

If your business is a restaurant or retailer that prints physical receipts, consider adding your keyword at the top or bottom of the receipt, right below the logo.
During checkout, you can ask customers if they want to receive text alerts. If they say yes, inform them about the number located at the bottom of the receipt.

6. Social Media

Social media is the biggest platform for marketing your business, and chances are, your most loyal customers follow you there. Furthermore, try including your company’s keywords in the social media bio description so that they notice your keyword every time somebody visits your page.

social media sms keyword promotion

7. Uniforms

Your employee uniforms don’t have to be plain and only contain your logo. Take full advantage of the extra space and slap on some additional marketing swag, such as your keyword.

Place the keyword on the back of the uniform to catch the viewer’s attention.

8. Product labels

Have a label or packaging for your products? Toss your keyword somewhere on the packaging or attach a small thank you card that includes the keyword.

The personalization of the card might be the touch that secures the subscriber. Many people don’t pay close attention to the packing and might miss your keyword.

In addition, if your package is torn due to bad courier services, your marketing might have totally gone to waste. A simple card insertion will ensure that your end customer receives your message regardless of any damage done to the package itself.

9. Company Vehicles

If you have a fleet of company cars, you might try placing your keyword on the back window. Then, at a red light, drivers behind you can quickly pull out their phones and text your number.

Since red lights are generally short-lived, make your keyword short and memorable so that drivers can quickly text you without taking too much time and causing an accident.

As your employees run around the city performing their regular tasks, your company will gain free exposure.

10. Brochure

If you attend an event and bring brochures, try adding your SMS keyword to the back of your brochure. If people read your brochure and want to stay engaged with your business after reading, SMS will be a great way for them to stay connected. Think of the keyword at the end of your brochure like a CTA at the bottom of your homepage


When all of these methods are used in conjunction, you can build a strong customer base in just a matter of time. On Cloud Contact AI, creating a keyword is easy – you can generate unlimited keywords for any use case. Discover how to create a keyword here.

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