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Why use Texting for your Political Campaign?

Whether your political campaign is for a local office, state legislature or even a national campaign; utilizing the latest technology and strategies is essential to your political success. 

Political campaign organizers around the United States and beyond are turning to text messaging to reach their base of potential voters.  In the 2020 Presidential Election, 64% of voters received text messages from political campaigns.  So why are politicians and their teams turning to text messaging marketing campaigns? Let’s take a look at some data to present a clear picture of SMS marketing potential. 

A Few Key Data Points

  • 97% of US adults own a cell phone
  • 85% of US adults own a smart phone an increase from 35% in 2011
  • 99% of texts are read  
  • 15% of US adults only use the internet from their smart phones

Send Polls or Surveys

Send links to your voter base for feedback and engagement. 

Event Alerts & Reminders

Schedule automated reminders or send last minute event alerts

Stay Engaged

Keep in touch with your voter base on every step of your campaign journey

Why Use CCAI?

Cloud Contact AI’s customizable text messaging solutions can assist political campaigns in openly engaging with your voter base, sending automated messages and reminders, as well as scheduled surveys and questionaires.

Benefits of SMS for Political Campaigns

Clear Campaign Message

Keeping your message clear is vital to a successful campaign. With second-hand coverage of your message from news sources, voter word of mouth, or even door-to-door volunteers, the chance of your message being misconstrued could prove detrimental. Text message campaigns allow you to handcraft your agenda with a clear, concise message. It is essential to recognize that in a medium where brevity is key, readers expect to quickly grasp the essence of a message with just a brief look. 

Voting Reminders

Utilizing text messaging campaigns enables the dissemination of thousands of messages to remind your base to vote. Whether it’s on election day or a month prior, these messages are a direct way to engage with your audience at critical times.

Campaign Fundraising

Engage potential donors with impactful campaign messages or express gratitude to existing supporters. Sending personalized thank you messages that acknowledge donors by name and outline how their contributions are utilized is a thoughtful way to connect before election day. Additionally, keeping donors informed about campaign progress through updates fosters ongoing engagement.

Promoting Voter Registration

Maintaining audience engagement includes providing reminders for voter registration and other pertinent information effortlessly. Establishing message schedules to coincide with key phases of the election process ensures consistent communication.

Organize Volunteers

Keep your volunteers informed throughout your campaign, no matter where they are in the field. Access to email can not always be available for your entire campaign staff, however texting your team with important updates or changes is achieved with ease. In addition to providing logistical support, it is essential to show sincere appreciation for the hard work and dedication of campaign workers and volunteers. Sending personalized thank you messages can make a significant impact, especially in the midst of a challenging campaign.

Features Built For Engagement

With Cloud Contact AI’s seamless integration, the new platform specifically designed for political campaigns gives you the tools you need to make an impact.

Sub accounts SMS

Personalized Event Reminders

Send customized automated event notifications and reminders to your audience.

Scheduled Messages

Scheduled and Automated Messages

Send scheduled messages to your base and staff keeping your voter network informed around the clock.

Sub accounts SMS

Inclusive Volunteer Network Communication

Whether your medical team consists of 5 people or 500 people, CCAI provides the tools for your entire volunteer network and staff to stay informed.



Let your patients text you with a keyword of your choice to make opting in quick and easy.

Ready-to-use templates

Start seeing what CCAI text services can do immediately with our ready-to-use templates or easily create your own in minutes!

Volunteer Recruitment

Mr. Davis,

We are looking for volunteers for this weekend’s mayoral campaign rally! If you are available to volunteer or are interested in attending click the link below:


Thank you,

-Friends of Ray Garcia for Mayor

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Donor Messages


Thank you so much for your $250 donation to the re-elect Senator Mcmann campaign. 

It’s donations like yours that help us spread the word on the achievements over the past 4 years and our plans moving forward. 

Thank you,

Senator Mcmann & Friends

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Voting Day Reminders


Voting day is here!

This is a reminder to get out and get your vote cast and voice heard!

Thank you,

-Liberty Today Team


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