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20 Back-to-school Text Message Templates

Start the back-to-school season off right with these 20 SMS marketing templates.

Prepare students for the upcoming school year by sending them back-to-school text messages to ensure everyone’s registered and knows what to expect as the school year approaches.

According to statistics, over 50% of kids over the age of 11 own a smartphone. Additionally, texting provides the opportunity to benefit from the 98% open rate. This makes using a text messaging service for schools make that much more sense. 

It is also advantageous that texting is the preferred communication method for students. That is particularly true for Generation Z and the current teenagers who use texting to communicate with each other more than other forms of communication.

20 back-to-school messaging templates

Getting students back to school has had a number of challenges over the years, but in the last year, changes in teaching techniques, such as distance learning have caused back-to-school duties to be much more difficult for students, administrators, and parents.

Back-to-school text campaigns can help promote awareness about the start of school. Regardless of changing information, back-to-school messaging campaigns are an effective way to get everybody back in the groove of school. Identify several methods to get your story across using text. Cloud Contact AI provides a user friendly interface to make texting for schools easier than ever before.

Start customizing one of our pre-built templates to your specific needs for your next campaign. The school year is almost upon us, don’t delay another second!


Have you registered for school yet this year? Visit the following link to get signed up and ready for the upcoming school year.

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back-to-school SMS messaging


As of today, students will be required to wear a mask, as cases have risen in the past two weeks. Students, please ensure to wash your hands frequently and use the sanitizer dispensers located at the door of every classroom.

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Welcome back

Welcome back to school – we look forward to seeing you in the hallways. Take these 5 tips with you to start the year off right! (Link)

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Hi (name), we noticed that you haven’t been in class the past couple of days. Are you happy with your classes? We can look into switching some of your classes around.

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The semester is coming to an end and you have a C- in math. Need an extra boost to get that grade up? Schedule some time with an advisor today! (Link)

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School will be closed today due to severe weather conditions. As of right now, we will be open tomorrow unless stated otherwise. To learn more, visit the school website: (Link)

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Hi (Name), we hope that you get better soon. Here’s what you missed in your classes today: (Link)

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Sporting events

There will be a boys basketball tournament taking place in the gymnasium this weekend. The entry fee is $5, and anybody is eligible to attend. There will be food, drinks, and lots of fun! For more information, visit this link: (Link)

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Sports registration

Hi (Name), do you plan on playing basketball again this year? Get signed up early using the link attached: (Link)

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Hi (Name), check out the following link to see your grades for the previous semester.

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Hi (Name), you’re doing a great job so far this semester. Keep up the good work and attendance!

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School newspaper

Check out the latest newsletter brought to you by our school’s leadership team. Here you will learn about what to expect next semester.

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We wanted to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming school year by sending you this mobile-friendly schedule. If you wish to have a printed version, you can go to the school library and print yourself out a copy. (PDF Image)

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School marketing volunteer


Hello, Seniors! We have a few volunteer opportunities available next week. Make sure you come by the office and fill out a form to get started!

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Make sure to RSVP for the upcoming event. Spots are filling up fast – you don’t want to miss out. (Link)

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Students, there will be a school dance on the 25th of March. This is an all grades dance. If you’re interested in attending, sign the form attached to this link. (Link)

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Field trips

Hi (Name), I still haven’t received your permission slip for the upcoming field trip to the exotic wildlife museum. Make sure you have that turned in before the 12th of May to attend.

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We all know this school year has been a transition from the norm, and we’re constantly working to improve student experience as we learn and adapt to the new systems. Please give us some feedback on areas that we can improve so that we can make sure you’re getting the proper help.

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Have a great summer vacation. We look forward to seeing you next year. if you’re looking for some fun activities to do over the summer, we’re offering a summer camp. Check it out here: (Link)

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Wrapping it up

As the school year approaches, make sure that you’re reaching your students on the communication channel they use most – text! These pre-built templates will save you time and money when it comes time to those back-to-school messages.

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