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Using Email Marketing Effectively

Implementing email marketing is a key component to an effective marketing strategy. See for yourself how implementing an email marketing strategy can boost your current marketing strategy.

Email is the number one way that businesses communicate with each other as well as their customers. An email campaign is a communication activity in the same way as postal mailing or any other communication action also called direct marketing.

The goal of a campaign is to promote a product or service by directly reaching a user through their email address. Email marketing is opened (or not) by the user in an email reader, the best known and most used are: Google, Outlook, and Yahoo! 

Why is email marketing important and what is it for?

Today, there are countless channels for communication that one may plan to integrate into their digital marketing strategy, and which will give one favorable result for their organization or business, and one of them is email marketing for business

Email has established itself as an important means of communication, which also creates a meaningful and fast bond with the user or potential client. In addition, it can be used to help add value to your company by creating a much closer and personal communication with existing customers.Today it is impossible to have a business without having to resort to emails! So if within your digital marketing strategy you still do not implement this online tool, this post is for you.

Convert 3 times more than social networks

When used properly, the conversion of an emailing campaign is much higher than in social networks, which is why it is one of the favorite tools of marketers.

It is considered one of the most profitable channels in online marketing, but it is necessary to have a clear, concise content strategy that adds value.


Mass mailing is also an opportunity to speak directly to your audience, making a connection that gives a sense of distinction and preference to the recipient. It is a key characteristic to have positive opening percentages.

Increase cross-sell or promote upselling

It could be that the recipient is already one of your clients, however, they do not know the full range of products or services you offer.

For example, you can send a monthly newsletter to recommend other products you have, promote a product update, or include add-ons, if applicable.


Email allows you to reach a wide range of different audiences, including those who are not essentially content with using the Internet. This makes it the most conventional form of marketing.

On top of that, email marketing creates an opportunity to build lasting relationships with your potential clients and customers.

Keeps you in the mind of your consumers

Most of the time a customer does not use a product or service again, it is because they have forgotten that it exists, or believe they no longer need it.

This tool prevents this from happening by building a flow of reminders so that, when the customer is willing to buy a product or service similar to the one you offer, your company is their first option.


If you have news or promotions to promote sales during certain times of the year, emails are an excellent channel to make them known instantly and when they need it.

Keep in mind that when you use personalized information according to the profile of your client, your closing percentage (conversion) will be even higher.


Mass mailing is not sending SPAM

The advantage of email marketing lies in its great scalability. It is possible to easily send emails on a large scale but this does not mean that you have to send junk content to everyone on the contact list.

The image of mailing campaigns has been affected by the frequent sending of worthless emails to people who have not requested to receive these messages. Take into account that for email marketing to be more successful, your database must be up-to-date and must be a list of contacts who have previously agreed to receive emails.

To avoid this we advise you to include a system based on permissions or double opt-in so that recipients can voluntarily register for your emails. In this way, you will have a database interested in receiving your messages.

Types of emails

According to their use, these are some ways in which emails can be cataloged:


Occasional emails

Occasional emails are sent when needed, according to the pace of your business.

  • The newsletters or informative bulletins usually present the news of your company (new features or services) and/or summarize the best of your blog. 


  • The email campaigns are specifically engrossed in aspects of sales and marketing. A campaign may be of three to ten emails for a few days or weeks. For example, a Mother’s Day sale, special offers for any particular season, or launching of any new services or product, etc.


Automated emails

The best way to save your money and time is through an automated email. These emails are personalized according to the data available with you about a contact. For example, they can be sent automatically in response to specific contact activities, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.


The nice thing about automated emails is that no one needs to be physically present to hit “send.”

You create and define an email template that would be directly sent to your recipients in response to your predefined “trigger” conditions.


Where to begin? Some tips to have successful campaigns

If you don’t have an email strategy in place, you can lose leads and therefore money. It’s time to fix it, now we explain how.


  1. The need for an email marketing solution

The first step of an effective email strategy is choosing your email marketing tool. It is essential to use software to send your emails for several reasons.

The first is that email sending platforms allow you to ensure that your emails are delivered to your recipients and you can easily create campaigns without the need for any design or programming skills.


Depending on the platform you use, the behavior of the recipients is monitored in real-time, allowing you to evaluate the results of your campaigns in minutes.

The analysis of these results will give you a better idea of ​​the objectives you met and the profile of your recipients, which will mark the success of your next campaigns.

That is why it is important to have a service provider that gives you the necessary tool to monitor your email marketing campaigns.


  1. Emails should be collected legally

To send any emails, of course, you will need addresses and contacts. However, the way you collect them is very important because if you choose to buy databases and send emails to someone who did not approve, you may end up paying some fines.

The GDPR, a well-known European regulation that has the aim to protect the personal data of consumers, also includes the email addresses, which states that If you have an intent to collect the emails legally, you need to follow a process that is known as “opt-in”. Learn more about the subscription and the GDPR here. 


  1. Segment your contacts

The more your contact list grows, it is advisable to make groups and personalize your messages according to their interests, purchase stage, lead scoring, age, etc.

The possibilities are many! This empowers you to endure providing each person on your list with appropriate and tailored content.


  1. Improve your deliverability

Deliverability has been coined from its literal meaning. This concept refers to the emails that are successfully sent to the recipients.

In concrete terms, this suggests that the reception of any content of the email is influenced by its quality, in every logic of the word.

One tip: The contact list should always be up to date and add an unsubscribe link. These are good practices that would definitely help you in improving your deliverability.


  1. Create a beautiful and professional design

When It comes to marketing, the form of substance holds equal importance to that of a substance. It does not matter what message and value it is holding for the recipients or audience, No one is going to read if it has been shared through such a medium where it is not easy or even one is not able to read. It must be readable by all means. The trick to creating pleasant-to-read emails is to use ready-made templates of the emails.

The templates of the emails should be chosen in such a way that they should be personalized with the colors of your company. You will only have to modify the text of your different emails.

By using the best email marketing companies, there will be no requirement of any designer, you will be equipped with the drag-and-drop editor that would simplify your job by empowering you to personalize your emails while creating a clean and professional design.


  1. Customize your emails

No one would say that they don’t feel good when they feel special and there is a very easy way to make your readers feel special. The personalization of your emails is essential if you want to establish a true relationship based on trust with your prospects and clients.

A good company allows you to customize the fields of your emails according to your recipient and their contact attributes.

This indicates that using her name at the beginning of the email (“Hi Claudia”) but also using some hi-tech and pro features, such as dynamic personalization, which allow you to provide your recipient’s different products based on their preferences. These details have a thoughtful effect on your opens, clicks, and therefore good rates of conversion.


Choosing the right email marketing tool

Now you know what email marketing is and how it can benefit you to boost your business. The next step is to choose an email marketing tool. There are significant advantages to having dedicated software for managing emails.

First of all, email marketing platforms allow you to ensure that your emails have reached their recipients. Email platforms not only allow you to manage your email subscribers but also easily design your emails thanks to ready-made templates and editing features.

Besides that, email marketing platforms also allow you to track the results of your email campaigns. This means that you can see which emails were the most successful and learn more about your audience thanks to open rates and click-through rates.

Finally, and most importantly, email marketing software saves you a LOT of time. Sending marketing emails one by one through Outlook or Gmail is not only risky but also incredibly tedious and produces little results.


There are several free email marketing programs, but to make an informed and relevant decision for your business, here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • How many contacts do you have and do you plan to have in a year?
  • How many emails do you plan to send in a year?
  • What type of email would you like to send? (Transactional and/or marketing)
  • Is there a solution and customer support in your language?


These questions will help you determine your email platform based on your needs.



By having an effective email marketing strategy in place, your business is able to strengthen its ties with your existing customers as well as bring in new ones. 


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