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Text messaging may help share the love for Retail businesses.

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How CCAI can help

More and more people are relying on curbside pickups for convenience, safety, and speed in today’s modern world. Cloud Contact AI aids retailers with curbside commerce and consumer loyalty.


Customers receive these texts as a reassurance that their orders were processed successfully and correctly. They’re also a great way to walk people through the curbside pickup process.

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Order Ready For Pick-Up

“Order ready” alerts can be sent by your team to customers. Use these messages to provide extra details, such as your exact location or the method of pickup.

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While texting is an excellent method of communication, having pre-written answers to frequently requested questions on hand will speed up the process even more.

Benefits of SMS for Retail

SMS for debt collection open rates

High Open Rates

Up to 98% open rates and 45% response rates

cost effective sms debt collection


Competitive rates of $.03 per SMS message

SMS debt collection time saving


Reach thousands of people in seconds

Let’s get ready!

It’s a safe and effective way for customers to shop, and they’ll receive their purchases sooner than if they had chosen the delivery option. Businesses may easily set up, organize, and simplify the entire process, from order confirmation to product pickup, with the help of our SMS services.

Features built for engagement

What will distinguish retail outlets in the future is not that they offer curbside pickup, but rather that they are able to execute it successfully and provide their consumers with a fast, convenient, and safe experience. Get this experience with Cloud contact AI.
Sub accounts SMS

2-way real-time messaging

Two-way messaging makes it easy to engage back and forth with staff and clients.

Scheduled Messages

Scheduled messages

Stay ahead of your schedule by programming messages in advance.

Sub accounts SMS

Multi-user access

This feature allows multiple members of your team to have access, engage with customers, and create message templates.



Let your customers text you with a keyword of your choice to make opting in quick and easy.

“CCAI was very easy to roll out to our company. It requires zero knowledge of coding and has an intuitive user-friendly interface. We are able to send text campaigns about payment reminders, game reminders, and more. The response rates we’ve received while using CCAI have far exceeded our expectations.”

Bryan Burns, Let’s Play Soccer

Ready-to-use templates

For your convenience, try out our pre-built templates or design your own – saving time, effort, and money.

Order Ready

Hello, <customer name>!’ Your Main Street Books order is ready for pick-up. To pick up your order, we’ll be out in front of our store from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Remember to bring your identification with you.

To opt out of  receiving texts, reply with the word STOP.

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Hi, <customer name>,we appreciate you inquiring, The staff at Fresh Meals places a high value on freshness. We hold our curbside orders in a dedicated, warming chamber until you come, and then we deliver them to you. This ensures that your dinner is still hot when it is handed over to you!

To stop receiving these reminders, reply with the word STOP.

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Dear <customer name>, thank you for placing order #123456 with General Store Plus. We appreciate your business. Ordinarily, orders are ready within an hour or two. We’ll send you a text when it’s time for you to pick up your package.

To opt out of  receiving texts, reply with the word STOP.

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