Landline Texting for Businesses

CloudContactAI’s Text Marketing Service enables businesses to send and receive text messages from their existing landline phone number.

Can you text to and from a landline? With CloudContactAI’s text marketing service the answer is yes. CloudContactAI enable’s businesses to interact with their customers in real time, two-way communication. Text messaging is the preferred method of communication today, with most consumers choosing to text with the businesses they engage with.


US Adults own a Cell Phone


Customers Prefer Text


Text Message Open Rate


Response Rate

Two Way Communication

Stay in touch with your customer’s with text messaging in real time. CloudContactAI’s text marketing service for business enables your company to reach it’s audience in the most effective manner from a user friendly platform.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Text messaging has become the preferred method of communication for business to reach their audience. It is also how many customer’s choose to communicate with their business of choice. If your current landline isn’t accepting text messages, you could be losing customers.

Keep Your Phone Number

SCloudContactAi’s text to landline service allows businesses to retain their phone number, which thier customers have come to know. Reach your audience with a familiar number in a new way, landline to mobile texting.

Automated Responses

Create unique keywords to automatically respond to your customers questions, increasing your brand’s engagement and keeping your customers informed. 

Schedule Texts Ahead of Time

Scheduling messages ahead of time allows you to create a consistent presence for your brand and helps ensure that your messages are being delivered at the right time and to the right people.

Track User Engagement

Detailed user engagement reporting and analytics for individuals, departments, locations, and more.

Data in Real-Time

Stay informed with accurate data reporting and alaytics in real time.

Delivery Report Notifications

Receive notifications for successful deliveries, errors, and more. Fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

98% Open Rate

Text messages don’t get buried in an inbox the same way that emails do. They also don’t get ignored like a phone call. Get your point across with CCAI.