A Guide to Interactive SMS Campaigns

Interactive text message campaigns make it possible for companies to build a two-way dialogue with their customers, send tailored messages, collect feedback in real time, and much more! In addition, interactive SMS marketing campaigns are efficient in terms of both time and money, making it possible for companies to communicate with a big number of customers in a short amount of time.

Texting Campaigns that Keep People Engaged

CloudContactAI has plenty of tools to allow users to integrate customer interactivity with their SMS campaigns, and more than just the ability to be removed from a caller list. There’s flexibility within what can be accomplished with this sort of functionality whether it be giving symptoms in anticipation of a medical appointment, surveys for the user’s provided services, or something like a quiz for a giveaway.

Here’s how you can pull all that off with CloudContactAI’s set of SMS campaign tools:

Multi-Answer Questions

If the intention is to send customers a survey and there needs to be a gradient, campaign workflows can have questions with multiple responses.

Multiple attempts

Questions can either allow a single attempt, multiple attempts, or unlimited attempts depending on what the campaign is trying to achieve.

Answer tracking:

For users interested in the selection of specific answers, users can set up a specific set of answers for that campaign if they want to launch a quiz for customers.


Depending on the answers contacts give, certain responses will be sent. This can include images, videos, links, and more.

Easy-to-Understand Interface

Setting up an interactive SMS campaign is fairly easy, with sections for questions, answers, feedback, as well as flow configuration.

Interactions Made Simple

Interacting with customers via a survey is one of the simplest ways to gain insight into your client base. This also helps establish a personal connection with them.

Primary Benefits

Interactive campaigns have a ton of benefits not just for your business, but for your customers as well.

Generate Sales

An Interactive SMS Campaign can be an excellent way for your business to generate more sales. By sending customers messages that are valuable and timely, you can build relationships and get them to buy more of your products or services. You can also get leads and turn them into paying customers by using targeted keywords. Interactive messages can also be used to give customers personalized offers, discounts, and other ways to get them to buy something.

Drive Traffic

Get more website visitors with surveys and other interactive SMS campaigns. By sending targeted messages to potential customers, you can get their attention and encourage them to take action, such as visit your website or download an app. This kind of campaign can be very effective because you can reach customers directly and keep track of the results to see how well it worked.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers are happier with a company when they can talk to them directly through two-way interactive SMS campaigns. This kind of communication makes customers feel like they are being heard and that they are valuable. Companies can improve their relationships with customers by responding quickly and effectively to their questions and concerns during these campaigns. This is also a great way to gain customer feedback. 

Tangible Data

Two-way interactive SMS campaigns help companies obtain useful, real-world data because customers can talk to the company and give feedback immediately. This helps businesses learn more about their customers’ preferences and trends, as well as find places where they can improve. Companies can use this information to learn more about their clients and ensure their products and services meet their needs. Businesses can also use the data to make intelligent decisions, like improving customer relations and improving their marketing strategies.

Simple to Use

A simple and easy-to-join interactive text messaging campaign is a great way to get customers involved. Messages are sent to customers through text, which makes it easy for them to read and respond. Customers can answer with simple commands like “yes” or “no,” and the campaign can be changed to fit their needs. Customers can also join or leave the campaign at any time and send feedback and questions by text. Because of this, text message campaigns are an easy and effective way to get customer feedback.


In conclusion, interactive SMS campaigns like surveys are a great way to make customers happier, drive sales, and get more people to visit your website without paying for it. Customers can get involved and give feedback through these campaigns in a way that is easy and quick. Also, they have a lot of benefits, such as:

• Cost-effective
• Easy to track
• Quick implementation
• Increased customer engagement
• Improved customer relationships
• Increased customer loyalty and repeat business

Overall, interactive SMS campaigns are a good way for businesses to increase customer satisfaction, boost sales, and get more people to visit their websites in a natural way.

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to send reminders, confirmations, notifications, and other messages at scale. Save time, money, and resources with CloudContactAI!

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Our intuitive platform makes it easy to send reminders, confirmations, notifications, and other messages at scale. Save time, money, and resources with CloudContactAI!