Cloud Operations Engineer


You will answer to the Manager, Cloud Operations, as a Cloud Operations Engineer. As a member of the multiethnic 24x7x365 Cloud Operations team, you will offer best-in-class customer support for AWS Cloud Infrastructure, including optimization and configuration of customer AWS settings.

This job is entirely remote.


Perform daily system monitoring and troubleshooting for Cloud Contact AI customers, including examining system and application logs, confirming the integrity and availability of cloud infrastructure, server resources, systems, and crucial processes, and confirming the conclusion of scheduled tasks like backups, live data feeds, and batch processing.

Discuss technical concerns with other team and external clients.
Write knowledge base articles and address frequently requested topics or issues.

Have an open schedule to offer help around-the-clock.


Necessary Skills 

Managing AWS cloud workloads for at least one year, with a focus on EC2, RDS, VPC, and CloudWatch
experience in system administration of at least one year (Linux and Windows)
IT infrastructure management experience, including DNS, VPNs, SSL, Elastic Load Balancers, and CloudFront distributions, for networks and websites
knowledge in managing web application environments and web server programs (Apache, nginx, Tomcat, IIS, or varnish) (LAMP, RoR, Java, or ASP.NET)

Working knowledge of technical customer support roles that involved organizing, coordinating, resolving issues, and documenting

Ability to work at a fast pace in a relatively unstructured environment

Associate Certification for AWS (required within 90 days of hire)


  • Competitive Pay
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Work environment that permits growth
  • Experienced and diverse team members
  • 100% remote. Work from anywhere in the world!

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