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Avoiding the Spam Folder: Rotating Domain Names

When sending email campaigns, avoiding the spam folder is one of the most important things a marketer can look out for. In this article we'll cover a quick and easy tip for you to try the next time your emails wind up in spam!

Rotating Your Domain Names

Date: October 24, 2022
Author: Jacob Murphy

2. Click on Campaigns

Click on Campaigns

3. Click on Test Campaign

Click on Test Campaign

4. Click on Campaign Settings

Click on Campaign Settings

5. Click on Select Sender

You can see we were using an ‘’ email address. Our campaigns were still ending up in spam. So we switched to using

Click on Select Sender

6. Click on main

Click on main

7. Click on RECIPIENTS


8. Choose an Unsubscribe Link and a Test Email Address

Choose an Unsubscribe Link and a Test Email Address

9. Click ‘Send Test’

Once you send your test campaign, go ahead and check the inbox of the email address you sent it to. This should have fixed any issues you encountered while trying to send your campaign initially.

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