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Configure a phone number

If you’ve gone through the sign up process, then you’ve already created a phone number. With CCAI, you can create additional phone numbers to home in on your audience for more personalized SMS campaigns

If you have various physical locations, you might use a number native to a particular region so that users recognize the area code.

  1. To set up your additional phone number, click on Settings in the left-hand menu
  1. You will automatically land on the phone tab. Click +Add
  1. Select your Country, type in your preferred area code, select a phone number from the drop-down menu, and click +Add Phone

You’re all set and ready to leverage multiple phone numbers for customized customer support.

Pro tip: SMS messages are shown to yield higher and faster open rates than email. With your newly configured a phone number, you’re ready to start interacting with your audience at a greater scale!

Upload contacts

Have an existing customer list? Easily upload your contacts into CCAI and ramp up your multi-channel outreach. 

  1. Click on the Contacts tab in the left-hand menu and click Create Contact
  1. Choose between single contact upload or CSV 
    1. For single upload:
      1. Click Add
      2. Enter information
      3. Click Save
  1. For CSV upload: 
    1. Download and check our CSV Template for proper contact upload
    2. Click Choose a file and select your list – ensure your list is uploaded in CSV format
    3. Click Create

For SMS Campaigns

  1. Select the SMS tab in the menu and click +Create Campaign
  1. Name your campaign, select a time to send, choose the number you would like send from, construct the message to your recipients, and click Next
    1. To use a template, click on Use Template
    2. CCAI supports dynamic tags to customize your message for each recipient. Select the drop-down menu titled Contact field to choose the tag you would like to input in your message.
  1. You will be directed to the contacts page where you can upload a new contact list, manually add contacts, or use existing contacts 

Click Create and your message will be sent out immediately

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