All-In-One Solution ​For Sports Facilities

Elevate Sign-ups at Your Sports Facility – 98% Read Rates!

  • Increase Sign-Ups
  • Faster and efficient Communication
  • Easy Calendar Management
  • Collect Payments
  • Game Reminders
  • Client Database Management
  • Mult-Facility Communication Capabilities
  • and more!


SMS Read Rate

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Click Through SMS

Two-Way Communication!
Chat with your clients like never before

Why Choose CloudContactAI?

Scalable Technology

Whether you run a small gym or a large sports ​complex, CloudContactAI scales to meet your ​evolving needs.

Emails are Dead, SMS is the New Wave

Ditch low email open rates. ​Embrace SMS for dynamic, ​engaging communication. ​Enjoy higher reply rates and ​connect with your customers!

Tailored for Sport Facilities

Enjoy a seamless experience ​with our intuitive and user-​friendly interface, ensuring ​easy adoption for your staff ​and members.

Easy to use, Affordable, and Effective

Kids Camp

Connect with parents and youngsters ​interested in sports camps effortlessly.

Play More Games

Amplify your team roster by reaching ​out to potential players in your network.

Sell More Beer & Pizza

Boost revenue by elevating fan ​experiences at games and events.

Integrate CloudContactAI

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Let’s Play Soccer’s Success ​with CloudContactAI

Let’s Play Soccer, operating 24 indoor soccer facilities across 10 ​states, needed a solution to streamline communication, boost sign-ups, ​and manage their diverse programs efficiently. How CloudContactAI Helped:
    • Achieved a 40% increase in response rates through automated ​SMS campaigns.
    • Saved 10 hours per week with streamlined communication ​processes.

CCAI Products

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Smart Scheduler

CCAI Services

  • UI/UX Mobile Application Development
  • Integrations

“The customer response rate through CCAI has far ​exceeded our expectations.” 

– Bryan Burns, Let’s Play Soccer

All-In-One Solution ​For Sports Facilities