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Cloud Contact AI Pricing

Only pay for what you use. No contracts, capacity planing, nor pricing models.

Cloud Contact AI offers an all-in one communication platform to enable you to manage your contacts and collect payments online through SMS, Voice, Email, and Web.

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No coding nor professional services required.

Exchange text and picture messages across the world.

Provision an account and start sending and receiving texts in real-time within minutes.

Make use of multiple phone numbers in one account.

Starting at $.02 to send or receive a message.

$1 per phone number

Advanced features such as Copilot and Short Codes are available.


No coding nor professional services required.

Highly-reliable calling out to your contacts using a provisionsed DID.

Unlimited Capacity.

Global Low Latency.

Manual Voice Campaigns.

Starting at $0.01 /min to receive and $0.015/min to make a call.

Call Outcomes Reporting included

Email with SendGrid

No coding nor professional services required.

Ability to send outbound emails through SendGrid.

Ability to track email outreach along with SMS and Voice at the account level.

Tools to optimize delivery.

Email Campaigns and Templates

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Web and Payments

No coding nor professional services required.

Online Form Builder

Integration with Payment Gateways: CardConnect, Paya Connect, and Stripe

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