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Is SMS Marketing Right for Your Business?

SMS marketing has proven to be one of the most effective tools available for business owners of all sizes. But is it right for you?


Over 292 million people in North America text regularly, which means that a proper SMS marketing campaign has a lot to offer in terms of potential benefits. The following is a list of some of the ways that businesses in various industries use SMS marketing:

• Health and Beauty: Salon operators can reduce or eliminate no-shows by sending appointment reminders through SMS marketing to their clients’ mobile devices.

• Hospitality: Location-based marketing is used by business owners in the hospitality industry to provide last-minute discounts and special offers by SMS to customers of hotels and restaurants.

• Retail: In the retail industry, customers can receive loyalty benefits, exclusive deals, and discounts by text message from stores.

• Travel: Travel agencies use SMS marketing to confirm or update flight schedules and deliver travel ticket QR codes, flight schedule reminders, details on nearest car rentals, and unique benefits. In addition, travel agencies use SMS marketing to confirm or update flight schedules.

• Real Estate: Real estate companies and brokers will email potential buyers or renters invitations to open house events, listing information, and links to arrange a viewing appointment.

How does SMS Marketing Work?

To maintain A2P 10DLC compliance, Customers will be required to express their approval before they may begin receiving marketing offers by text message. They could do this over the phone, in person at your traditional store, or online via your e-commerce platform. The easiest way is by sending a keyword to a phone number or a shortcode of five to six digits. If someone texts these keywords, they are providing their permission to be added to your SMS marketing campaign.

Apps and Software for SMS Marketing

Some SMS marketing software tools can automate sending if you operate your SMS marketing campaign or have an in-house marketing staff. SMS marketing apps are meant to send short messages rather than long ones like email marketing software.

These tools allow you to customize your messages and deliver them to your whole database in just a few clicks. In addition, several text message marketing apps work nicely with CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. That is, your SMS marketing software can talk to your CRM. A CRM-to-SMS marketing app integration saves time and money by streamlining sales and marketing operations by syncing contacts from your CRM to your SMS marketing app.
You’ll need to choose the greatest SMS marketing app for your business from a few possibilities. So, how do you profit from this technology? First, your company needs a solid SMS marketing strategy.

Is SMS Better than Email?

Let’s look at the comparison between SMS and email marketing services.

Email marketing services are similar to SMS marketing in that they need you to distribute the material to your present and potential consumers. However, in contrast to SMS messaging, which has character limits, email marketing allows you to convey the same content in a much larger size. Consequently, email marketers make the most of this channel by delivering newsletters, long-form content, and press releases. In addition, most email marketers now include interactive elements like photos and videos in their visual advertising content as an alternative to SMS marketing’s inherent limitations.

Both SMS and email marketing have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a customer is more likely to read an appointment reminder than an email reminder given by SMS. Despite this, clients like detailed product information only via email.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

CCAI’s SMS marketing strategies yield a 99% open rate. What have you got to lose?

Advantages of SMS Marketing

• Participation of customers

A well-written SMS marketing copy can make customers feel unique. However, customers who are dissatisfied with the degree of care and attention provided by the company may see their customer value plummet by 45 percent.

• Brand Visibility 

According to studies, 45 percent of those who get promotional text messages from a company respond. So, to gain the attention of your target audience, you can utilize the best text message marketing strategies for a new business.

• Obtaining information

An SMS poll has a response rate of around 31% on average. As a result, it is a useful channel for the management of your online reputation. Furthermore, the feedback you receive from your clients is a fantastic source of critical information about your brand’s success.

• Passion for the Brand

Marketing initiatives that use bulk SMS and are well planned generate customer engagement and brand loyalty. Customers don’t want to read anything generic or irrelevant, therefore you’ll need to personalize your communications about special deals and promotions. On their big day, you can even send them a birthday greeting with a personal message.

• Data collection and analysis

This is a process that you must engage in if you want to enhance and provide the best marketing campaigns to your valued clientele. Because the recipients of your bulk SMS marketing efforts simply have two options, determining the success of your efforts is simple. They can either click or ignore the provided links. If the vast majority of your clients do not click on the links you provide, it is clear that your strategy needs to be adjusted.


Are You Ready to Get Started?

Cloud contact AI is a major SMS marketing platform that offers simple-to-use SMS business solutions for businesses. Our user-friendly and reasonably priced interface makes it suitable for companies of any size and industry. Change the way you do business with Cloud Contact AI.


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