All-in-one communication platform to help you reach your goals faster

Cloud Contact AI offers an all-in one communication platform to enable you to manage your contacts and collect payments online through SMS, Voice, Email, and Web Forms.

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Are you calling consumers with a dialer now?

If so, then you can easily use our email and SMS product. With over 30 years of experience in the contact center technology space, Cloud Contact AI enables you to contact your clients in a compliant manner.

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Our Mission

To Provide Our Customers with a CFPB Compliant Communication Platform

Your brand may not understand all of the intricacies of the latest laws. We do!

Why you should use CloudContactAI>

Why Choose Us

We Built our Platform with a Focus on Compliance

Prior to running a campaign, all contacts are scrubbed and scored against the best data sets available to minimize your TCPA exposure.

What CloudContactAI does

What we do

Make our Customers Happy.

Through our robust email and SMS platform, we aim to enable you to collect more of your debt.

Getting Started

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Our platform leverages the following technologies to optimize outbound communication.

CloudContactAI SMS Campaigns
CloudContactAI Email Campaigns
CloudContactAI Outbound Voice Dials
CloudContactAI Web Forms
CloudContactAI leverages Latent Dirichlet Allocation proposal using SageMaker to scan SMS